How Much Does It Cost to Snowboard

How Much Does It Cost to Snowboard? A Complete Breakdown of All You Need to Know

As far as action sports and outdoor activities go in the winter operating season, you’d be hard-pressed to find one as fun and exciting as snowboarding.

But, before hitting the resorts and slopes this winter season, you need to know the cost of snowboarding. From knowing what snowboarding gear costs to understanding how to use day lift tickets, prior information can help reduce some of your expenses!

To that end, we’ll be analyzing everything that goes into giving you the perfect snowboarding experience while helping you save a bit of money along the way!

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How Much Does It Cost to Snowboard?

If you plan on going for basic over quality equipment for your outdoor activities and you’re still a beginner, you can expect to spend anywhere between $1,000 to $1,300 on essential gear alone.

On the other hand, additional expenses present themselves for professional and aggressive riders as the cost of snowboards at their level can be as high as $1,000, depending on the manufacturer.

Lastly, other factors that might influence what you spend for your snowboarding experience this winter season is your choice of big-name resorts as well as the outdoor activities you tend to enjoy there.

Many of these big names often have different packages for adults and children that come with several features. These features may include a private lesson, certain ski area tickets, and other resort attractions.

As such, paying attention to ski packages is important as you might be able to save extra money, depending on what you choose.

To help make your decisions easier, we’ll be looking at the price ranges of essential gear, like snowboarding clothes, goggles, snowboarding pants, snowboarding boots, and other key resources. That way, you have a better idea of what to expect moving forward.

How Much Does It Cost to Snowboard

Average Costs of Snowboarding Gear

As was mentioned earlier, the price of snowboarding isn’t fixed. What’s more, the price ranges can vary widely, depending on where you choose to purchase the equipment.

For example, buying quality equipment at or around popular resorts might be more expensive than purchasing online or near a local, more affordable resort. Depending on the channel you choose to access, you might be able to get huge discounts.

But, all things considered, here is what to expect if you want to purchase snowboarding gear rather than leverage rental packages.


The starting price for adult size mountain snowboards is around $300 to $400. While this might be on the high side, you get longevity with these types of snowboards. Numerous variables influence the cost of the thousands of snowboards you can buy today.

The major factors that control the price tag of mountain snowboards are your skill level and the board construction. The material, length, and design of this gear also contribute greatly to its price tag.

As we said, there are thousands of snowboards readily available on the market today. Due to all the availability, it’s relatively easy to find affordable snowboards. However, keep in mind that you might be sacrificing quality in return for affordability.

In addition, the lifespan of the snowboard isn’t guaranteed. Since they’re often made with low-quality materials, they could deteriorate more rapidly over time.

Good-quality snowboards on the other hand help you enjoy your outdoor activities to the fullest. While you will often have to part with extra money to get these, the payoff is that they are more durable and make your snowboarding exercise more durable.

Some great snowboards worth mentioning are the Orca snowboard, Grom snowboard, and Focus Camber snowboard wide. As a responsive board, the twin shape each offers and provides a fun mountain experience for beginner snowboarders and even the avid snowboarder.

An awesome board helps advanced and freestyle riders show off their skills more easily. It also helps intermediate riders get more settled and confident on the snow.

Snowboard Bindings

Snowboard bindings are integral for an enjoyable experience on the snow. To get a good-quality snowboard binding, you need about $140 to $150 as of 2021.

Make sure that you get snowboard bindings made from premium material and durable quality. This way, you ensure that you have something that’ll last you for a long time. In addition, a snowboard with bindings will hold you more firmly.

When choosing between the different types of snowboard bindings, don’t let cost be your only major determinant.

Factor in other variables like riding style and ability. Also, consider your snowboarding boots as well the board you’ll be using the soft bindings on.

The kind of snowboard bindings you use for an Orca snowboard or Grom snowboard might not fit a Focus Camber snowboard wide and vice versa.

Ultimately, ensure that whichever binding you opt for is comfortable and doesn’t impair your riding. If it does, you might need to get a new one altogether!

Snowboard Boots

The most ideal boots are those above the $100 price point.

As you know, snowboarding is a very physical exercise. That being said, your snowboarding boots will be exposed to a considerable amount of environmental damage. Consequently, you need to have a pair of snowboard boots that serve you well under these circumstances.

Action sports, like skiing and snowboarding, also come with some risk of personal injury. The risks inherent in these outdoor activities demand that you have a pair of ski boots or snowboard boots that will give you ample protection.

Don’t forget that you’ll be navigating through some tough terrain. Whether you do so at Big Bear Mountain Resort or the Blue Mountain Resort, a reliable pair of ski boots is an essential piece of gear for ensuring a pleasant and fun mountain experience.

This is just as true for skilled, freestyle riders as it is for beginner snowboarders.

Snowboard Goggles and Gloves

You can find goggles for anywhere between $33 – $37. More high-end goggles have a price point of $150 – $250.

For the most part, the location of the ski resort will often determine just how much you’ll need to put into this essential equipment. The weather pattern on popular resorts like the Blue Mountain resort and the Big Bear Mountain resort can vary widely. Also, the intensity of your exercise is another important factor to consider.

In light of this, to reduce the safety concerns and risks inherent in skiing and snowboarding, aggressive riders and beginner snowboarders are better served by investing in a pair of quality gloves and goggles.

These tools will be critical in helping you keep your hands warm and your eyes safe while you’re out having fun.

Snowboard Clothing

In addition to sorting out your gear, you also have to find snowboarding clothing as well.

Outdoor activities in the winter season can be difficult to truly enjoy if you don’t have the appropriate clothing for the event.

Good snowboarding clothes keep the cold out and reduce other safety concerns.

Snowboard Jacket

A good-quality snowboard jacket that should serve you through most snowboarding conditions will usually be priced anywhere between $200 to $250.

Insulation is very important if you want to enjoy skiing, snow tubing, snowboarding, or any other outdoor activity in the winter season. A good jacket ensures your body stays warm and less impervious to damage while you’re out in the snow.

To get the best out of this snowboarding clothing, make sure you thoroughly examine the jacket before purchase. Ensure the material is sufficiently thick and durable.

The jacket should also be sufficiently water-resistant so it can keep out the wetness that comes with different snow conditions.

The jacket should also be able to keep your body warm. Therefore, it is often preferable for people who want to go snowboarding or snow tubing to get jackets with Thermolite insulation. These types of jackets are better at keeping you warm, even at extreme temperatures.

Lastly, you should make sure you’re completely comfortable in the jacket. Just like your snowboard boots, you will have them on throughout your entire time outdoors. The last thing you want is to cancel your snowboarding trip because your jacket was a bad fit.

So, while you might be tempted to save a bit of money getting a cheaper jacket, keep in mind that your level of comfort is significantly determined by this piece of clothing. To that end, you can’t afford to sacrifice quality.

Socks and Pants

While you can readily find $22 – $41 snow pants, they might not serve you as well as the standard $120 pair. For socks, a lasting-quality pair usually goes for around $300.

Your snowboarding wardrobe is incomplete without the right pair of snow pants and socks. In addition to getting proper base layer clothing, snow pants and socks help withstand the cold weather better.

The ideal pair of socks for you should be made of warm, durable material. Even though your feet will be in snowboard boots, this extra layer of protection will help you get even more comfortable.

Advanced riders and intermediate riders don’t play with the socks they choose because it has a direct bearing on how flexible their movements are while on the snow. Limiting your movement is as good as reducing the amount of fun you can get on your snowboarding trip.

Your pants are just as important as they offer your legs and lower extremities that much-needed protection from the elements.

Ultimately, investing in quality equipment might cost extra money at the start. But, what you get in return will make it well worth it.

Whether you’re planning a backcountry snowboarding experience or you want to visit popular resorts like Big Bear Mountain Resort or the Blue Mountain Resort, quality gear is indispensable.

Not only will these materials serve you well during the entire winter season, but you will be able to use them for a long time to come without any significant deterioration in the quality of the gear!

Why Are Snowboarding Costs So High?

When most people find the answer to how much does it cost to snowboard, they are often immediately faced with other questions.

If you’re not using rental shops and leveraging their numerous rental packages, the costs of snowboarding might seem overly expensive. Even when you are using rental packages, snowboarding may very well remain one of the most expensive outdoor activities you can engage in during the winter season.

Outside the amount of money you spend on procuring the essential equipment necessary for this exercise, snowboard costs pile on due to factors such as:

  • Transportation: You may incur additional expenses if you’re traveling to popular resorts like the Blue Mountain Resort or Big Bear Mountain Resort.
  • Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Season pass
  • Varied prices at the lift ticket windows

Once you’re able to understand how these different factors interact with your snowboarding experience, you might be able to find more creative ways to deal with some of these expenses.

For example, if you plan on joining the snowboard scene and hitting the snow every weekend, you might want to opt to buy your equipment rather than use rental shops.

Even though the latter is the more affordable option, the former will save you money long-term. Renting so frequently is actually impractical if you plan on hitting the slopes and resorts all the time!

What to Know About Costs of Snowboarding Lessons and Rentals

If you’re already playing bear sports or slopeside sports, then you likely don’t need a snowboarding lesson. However, if you’re just trying this sport out for the first time, then you might find a few pointers helpful.

Most popular resorts offer this kind of service to beginner snowboarders for a small fee. However, you may even be able to find an affordable resort or two that does the same as well.

Places like Big Bear Mountain Resort give you the option of getting a group or private lesson. This service usually costs around $200. Keep in mind that to leverage the private lesson service for your child, they must be at the right age at the time of registration.

They also offer A La Carte rentals that you can use in order to save a bit of money. Across the board, the average cost of lesson reservations for children is $170 while that for adults is about $188.

Getting a Season Pass, Lift, and Half-Day Tickets

If you plan on riding the lifts, then you need a lift ticket. You can purchase either full or half day lift tickets, depending on how long you plan on spending on the snow.

Half-day tickets are usually cheaper than full day lift tickets. However, as the name suggests, they won’t serve you for as long.

Certain resorts might even often offer packages, like friends and family lift tickets or birthday lift tickets. These will help you save money and enjoy the snowboarding experience with a group.

Outside getting birthday lift tickets or friends and family lift tickets, you also have the option of purchasing a season pass.

A season pass allows you to pay a one-time fee each season to use the lift as many times as you want. This will be more useful for you if you plan to spend a significant portion of your time on that resort.

What you pay at the ticket windows is determined by the resort you’re using and the time slots. The holiday periods will also change these prices as well. Of course, you can choose to avoid the holiday rates period and use the slopes later.


Now that you know how much snowboarding costs, you can fully prepare for this outdoor activity!

While the cost of getting a quality and popular model snowboard and other essential gear might be high, it’s your best defense against personal injury, especially if you’re a beginner snowboarder.

If you want to learn more about snowboarding, feel free to check out our helpful snowboarding tips here. Make sure to have a fun time this winter season!