The 5 Best Beginner Snowboard Boots

A Review: The 5 Best Beginner Snowboard Boots

When picking the right pair of snowboarding boots, there are some important variables to take into consideration. Keep in mind that snowboarding shoes are not the same as your normal boots, and you need to pick a reliable pair for your snowboarding adventure.

Besides their unique build and other variations that set snowboarding boots apart from other shoes, snowboard boots are also different in their sizing than normal shoes. To learn more about this, check out this article on how to choose snowboard boots.

This review features the 5 best beginner snowboard boots on the market today. Our top picks have different features that make them special, and based on your budget and needs, there is a shoe here that is sure to suit your requirements.

1. Best Overall Snowboard Boots: ThirtyTwo Men’s Double Boa Snowboard Boot

Not everyone enjoys the feel of c-laces or the effort they require every time you want to put on or remove your boots. This is what makes the ThirtyTwo Men’s Double Boa Snowboard Boot the top choice on this list, among other reasons.

The boot is fitted with the BOA closure system, which gives you the perfect mix of flex, comfort, and support while you’re snowboarding. The boot is modern in appearance with a minimal design, giving it an excellent look and feel.

The energy form used in the boot is skate-inspired, and the outsole is made out of performance rubber to give you confidence while snowboarding in any terrain. The BOA lacing system on the boot along with an internal performance harness on the liner that makes it a comfortable fit.

The performance fit liner is constructed with dual density intuition foam. This gives you the best support and stiffness. It strategically overlays on the boot, ensuring more support for the forefoot and the spine.

The fitting on the boot is an interesting concept, as it comes in a heat molding design. This means that by applying some heat, you can customize the boot to fit the size and curve of your foot.

The boot has a 7/10 flex, giving it the versatility to perform during all types of riding, whether you’re looking forward to urban, park, freestyle, all-mountain, or backcountry snowboarding.

ThirtyTwo Double Boa Specifications

  • Color: Brown, Black
  • Closure Type: Double Boa Lace-up
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Flex: 7/10
  • Item dimensions: 19 x 14.8 x 6 inches
  • Item Weight: 5.85 pounds


  • Performance footbed with molded evolution foam, heel cradle, arch support, and heel cushioning
  • Dual intensity intuition foam on the internal lining for support, stiffness, and comfort
  • Lining overlays support the forefoot and spine
  • Customizable fit and feel due to heat molding capability


  • The boot comes with a heat molding feature, which means that you will need extra equipment to heat it first before you start using it.
  • The color of the boot is brown and black, which might be a bit plain for some people.


2. Best Budget Snowboard Boots for Beginners: Vans Hi-Standard Men’s Snowboard Boots

If you’re looking to stay within a reasonable budget, check out these budget snowboard boots from Vans. For under $200, these are a great option that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

With a V1 Ultracush liner material, these boots come with a traditional lace system and a fit and flex, meaning they can be used in all kinds of mountain terrain.

The fit on the boots is uncompromising, coming with a removable liner that is a great fit for snowboarders. The sole is made out of a lug sole, which offers durability due to its resistance to abrasion as well as excellent traction.

If you’re snowboarding on snow or hard ice, these boots will be the perfect companion.

Additionally, these boots come with an extra set of laces. With a black upper, you can use a set of white laces to give you a flashy, contrasting look, or a set of black laces for a more uniform and subtle look.

Vans Hi-Standard Boots Specifications

  • Color: Brown, Black, White
  • Closure Type: Traditional Lace-up
  • Sole Material: Lug Sole
  • Flex: Medium


  • V1 ultra cush liner for a tight fit and excellent comfort
  • Traditional lace structure ensures customizable tightness
  • Comes with an extra pair of white laces
  • Removable internal lining is easy to clean


  • The boots fit in a slightly larger size, so there might be some confusion while buying the proper size for you. Previous buyers recommend buying a half size bigger than your normal sneakers.
  • The removable inner liner on these boots might take some getting used to.


3. Best Runner Up: Burton Driver X Men’s Snowboard Boots

These snowboard boots from Burton are an excellent option and are available in a classic look: all black with a white sole. These boots come with an injected backstay, making these responsive and supportive.

There is also a 1:1 PowerUp Plus tongue as an added feature. It is made with thermoplastic reinforcements for long-term durability and greater rebound, regardless of the terrain. The tuff cuff increases heel stability while providing lateral and medial support for your ankles.

The tuff cuff also enables free flex from head to toe. The boots come with a total comfort construction that will ensure that you will not have to “break-in” these boots. You can just put them on and feel the comfort immediately on your feet.

The internal gusset makes this boot completely snowproof, which keeps your feet dry and warm. The boot also comes with a Speed Zone lacing system so you can customize the tension of the upper and lower zones.

The laces themselves are very durable since they are made out of American-made fibers, and they are easy to lace up.

Burton Driver X Specifications

  • Color: Black, White
  • Closure Type: Quick lace-up
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Item dimensions: 20 x 16 x 6 inches
  • Item Weight: 7 pounds


  • Total Comfort Construction bypasses the “break-in” period, providing immediate comfort
  • Internal gusset is immune to snow, keeping feet warm and dry
  • Adjust laces quickly with the Speed Zone lacing system
  • Greater rebound and durability thanks to the PowerUp Plus Tongue
  • Durable laces


  • If you do not prefer a traditional lacing system in your snowboarding boots, these might not be the best fit for you.
  • If you’re looking for flashier or more contrasting colors in your boots, the plain black color of the Burton Driver X might not be to your liking.


4. Alternate Option: Ride Orion Men’s Snowboard Boots

Looking for an option within a budget that still provides a great snowboarding experience? Check out the Ride Orion Men’s Snowboard Boots. With a reasonable price tag and great features, these boots can serve you well.

The soft flex on these boots makes them extra flexible, which is great for beginner to intermediate snowboarders. The boots are also fitted with intuition plush foam liner for a better fit and increased comfort.

The lace structure on these boots is traditional. However, the LockDown Turbo design provides a secure fit and does not leave any slack in the structure. This means that the boots will be both tight and comfortable.

The Grip Lite sole is combined with a Slime midsole and has rubber pods in it. This makes the sole durable, immune to abrasion, and offers a high level of traction on the slopes. The liner pattern on the boot has a center tongue design.

Ride Orion Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Closure Type: Traditional Lace-up, Lock Down Turbo design
  • Sole Material: Grip Light Sole with Slime Midsole
  • Flex: Soft
  • Item dimensions: 20 x 16 x 6 inches
  • Item Weight: 7 pounds


  • Lightweight, short length, and high-performance silhouette
  • Maximum durability and traction due to grip light sole, Slime midsole, and rubber pods
  • Standard laces with a LockDown Turbo design
  • Fitted with an internal intuition plush liner for comfort


  • The low flex on the boot might not be best for those over an intermediate level of skill.
  • The boots are quite inexpensive, which means that they will come with certain compromises in the form of lining and lace structure.


5. Best Under $100: Rossignol Excite Boa H2 RSP Snowboard Boots

If you’re just beginning to snowboard and need a cheap option as you learn, these boots from Rossignol will work great. They come in a Boa lace structure that makes putting them on and taking them off an easy task.

The Boa lace structure system also provides a tight and comfortable fit. The inner lining is also heat moldable, so they’ll fit perfectly to the contour of your foot for a great experience.

The boots are also quite lightweight because of the nature of their construction. This is a good feature for beginners, as it provides freedom of movement on all types of terrain.

The pull-out tab at the back of the boot makes for easy removal. On the front of the boots above the laces, you’ll find a circular attachment to help you tighten and loosen your laces easily.

Rossignol Excite Boa Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Closure Type: Boa Lace-up
  • Flex: Soft
  • Item Weight: 5.45 pounds


  • Inexpensive
  • Boa lace structure for easy on and off
  • Heat moldable inner lining for comfort
  • Soft flex for flexibility
  • Lightweight construction


  • The soft flex, while great for beginners, is not the best option for people who have been snowboarding for a while.
  • The inexpensive price tag of the shoe comes with certain compromises in the form of the sole and overall build of the shoe. This is fine for beginners but may frustrate experts.
  • The heat molding feature of the boot means that you will need to take the lining and heat it before you fit it on your feet.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Best Beginner Snowboard Boots

Are heat-molded liners better than normal liners?

Generally, yes. If you go for a conventional liner, you will need a break-in period. Besides, heat-molded liners fit better around the contour of your foot and give you a more comfortable experience.

How are boa lacing systems different from traditional laces?

When it comes to the comfort and fit of the lacing structure, boa lacing systems and traditional lacing systems are almost the same.

However, boots with traditional lacing systems take longer to put on and take off, which gives boa laces the advantages of the time saved and overall convenience. Boa laces come with a dial that you can twist to tighten your boots instead of tying them up.

Are freeride and freestyle boots different?

Yes. Freeride boots are stiffer and more supportive than freestyle boots. Freestyle boots are meant for tricks and other such activities, while freeride boots are meant for making your way through the terrain.

Do I need special clothes when I’m trying on snowboard boots?

No, you do not need special clothes, but you need to ensure that the clothes you are wearing are not a hindrance in the fitting process. For example, do not wear jeans or long pants that are tight around your ankles, as this might make the fit of your boots worse.

This can cause injuries or other complications. Wear something loose that can be rolled up to give you the perfect fit.

What is the difference between a normal tongue and a 3D tongue? Which one is better?

A normal tongue is a traditional flat or curved tongue that sits inside your shoe. On the other hand, with a 3D tongue, you get a design that wraps around the liner.

The 3D tongue improves the overall response while you’re skiing. It also gives you a better fit and level of comfort because of the way it fits on your foot.

Wrap Up

Picking out the right snowboard boot can make or break your snowboarding experience. Snow can be a tricky terrain to master, and variables beyond style, such as comfort, will be important in the white expanse.

Your shoe should be sturdy enough to tolerate the extreme conditions, yet light enough to not be uncomfortable. Waterproofing is another factor that plays an important part in a pleasant snowboarding experience.

Now that we’ve covered the 5 best beginner snowboard boots, pick out the best fit for you according to your preferences. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite!

Happy snowboarding!