Prescription Ski Goggles for 2021

Prescription Ski Goggles for 2021 – A Buyers Guide

Skiing is one of the best parts of winter. It is great fun to blast down a snowy hilltop at full speed. But what is not so great about these expeditions is to miss out on all of the beautiful sights there is to see just because your ski goggles are not compatible with your spectacles.

Skiing without your spectacles isn’t just hard, it is also very dangerous because you cannot properly see obstacles that might be in your way.

Contact lenses can be a great solution for this problem – if contact lenses didn’t tend to dry out while you are out and about.

For many people, their spectacles are the only comfortable way for them to properly see what they are doing.

The only way for prescription glasses wearers to overcome this issue is by investing in the best prescription ski goggles.

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The Top 5 Prescription Ski Goggles

Our eyes are all unique which means ski equipment manufacturers can’t manufacture ski goggles in bulk with built-in prescription lenses. Another issue with this would be that one eye might be weaker than the other and ski goggles are designed with one lens. There used to be a brand of goggles that had two individual lenses but this design was quickly abandoned because the mid-section of the goggles made it very hard to see properly.

To overcome this issue, you can invest in prescription goggles or OTG goggles. Both of these goggles do have the same basic design. The difference is the way you wear them. Prescription goggles allow you to manufacture an insert that you can butterfly clip into your goggles. OTG goggles are ski goggles that you wear over your spectacles.

There are quite a few different types of ski goggles on the market and in this guide; we are going to show you exactly which pair is just right for your next skiing adventure and your vision needs.

Findway Ski Goggles – The Overall Best Ski Goggles for Spectacles

This pair of ski goggles is at the tippy top of our list because it offers so many great features. These goggles come in various color combinations and the double layer lens is removable so you can switch it out with other lenses that might be more suitable for your skiing environment. The mirror effect is also very stylish.

The spherical lens enhances your view and HD vision boosts crisp clear vision even further. These ski goggles are ideal for sunny days because they block out 100% UV400 rays. They are also ideal for skiing in other conditions thanks to a great anti-fog system that keeps your sights clear.

The goggle frame is flexible yet not quite as flexible as some of the goggles on our list. It is an ideal investment for spectacle wearers because you can comfortably fit spectacles of up to 13 x 6cm inside the frame or you can get inserts made for your goggles.


  • Offers HD vision with 100% UV 400 protection and Anti-fog design
  • Compatible with most specs for OTG wear (up to 13 x 6cm spectacles)
  • Compatible with any ski helmet with slip-on adjustable strap
  • A spherical lens provides a clear view with little distortion
  • An interchangeable lens so you can easily switch between colors
  • The lens has magnets so you can swop it faster and the lens clips keep it securely in place


  • The lens can scratch if you do not store it well
  • Cosmetic products can stain the lens
  • The anti-fog coating only works if you wipe the inner lens frequently


Juli Anti-Fog Ski Goggles – The Best Runner Up Ski Goggles

In second place we have ski goggles by Juli. These ski goggles also look fantastic and they are available in various colors and their mirror coating also offers an interesting look. The detachable lens system makes it very easy to switch to your spare lenses so you can ski more comfortably in different weather conditions.

The spherical lens is ideal for enhancing your view and the lens offers 100% UV400 protection. The anti-fog design of these ventilated goggles is also ideal for keeping your sights clear.

If you hate being pinched by your goggles then you will love this pair. The durable TPU frame and lens is remarkably flexible to enhance comfort while wearing your specs under them. The frame is also compatible with most spectacle sizes and inserts will also fit comfortably in these goggles.

These ski goggles are compatible with most ski helmets because the strap is adjustable, elastic, and can clip free from the goggles.


  • Detachable lens system so you can use different colors
  • Large inner space for prescription glasses
  • The helmet strap is detachable
  • The spherical lens offers good vision
  • The lens offers 100% UV 400 protection, anti-fog, and proper ventilation
  • The triple layer foam enhances comfort and absorbs sweat
  • We love the flexibility of the TPU frame


  • No HD vision
  • Regular lens cleaning is still required to keep the lens fog-free
  • Store the lens carefully to avoid scratches



OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles – The Best OTG Prescription Ski Goggles

This pair of OTG goggles is one of the most popular ski goggles in the world. It is loved by over 1 million skiers and snowboarders. The ski goggles are very stylish and are available in all sorts of colors.

The lenses offer 100% UV protection and the goggles are designed with an anti-fog system to keep your specs and lens clear. The lens clicks into the frame for a secure fit. But this click in system does make it slightly harder to switch between lenses. These lenses are also spherical for a brighter and distortion-free view.

The TPU frame and lens is extremely flexible since it is made from a durable TPU material. These goggles are practical for most spectacle types and they offer enough room for inserts as well.

The goggles are also compatible with all ski helmets since the strap is elastic and fully adjustable.


  • The goggles offer 100% UV protection and anti-fogging benefits
  • Fits snugly over most types of spectacles (up to 5.3 x 1.65-inch spec size)
  • The TPU frame and lens is bendable for a comfortable fit
  • The spherical lens enhances your vision
  • Compatible with all helmet types due to over-the-helmet design


  • The lens clips into the frame and isn’t interchangeable
  • Not compatible with extremely large specs


Juli UV Ski Goggles – The Best Budget Ski Goggles

If you are shopping for ski goggles on a tight budget then you can consider this pair by Juli. The ski-goggles look fantastic and they are available in various color combinations.

The spherical design of the lens enhances your view while you are out and about. The lens also offers good ventilation to keep your spectacles from fogging up and the lens has an anti-fog coating. These goggles will also protect your eyes since they block out up to 100% UV/UVB rays.

The frame is made from a bendable TPU frame which enhances the wearing comfort and keeps the goggles from breaking should you fall. The lens clips into the frame for a more secure fit but it can be slightly challenging to switch between lens colors with this type of goggle.

The goggles can be worn over your glasses but they also offer sufficient space for inserts so you can enjoy the best visibility while skiing.

These goggles are compatible with most helmets because they are fitted with a high-elasticity strap and the straps are fully adjustable.


  • Goggles are well ventilated with anti-fog coating
  • Compatible with all helmets due to adjustable straps
  • Blocks out 100% UV/UVB rays
  • Spherical design enhances your vision
  • The TPU frame is extremely flexible
  • Compatible with most spectacles


  • The lens is not interchangeable
  • The lens is hard to remove because it fits into the frame
  • No HD vision


Extra Mile Ski Goggles – The Best Alternative Prescription Ski Goggles

This pair of goggles by Extra Mile is a great alternative to our winner goggles and runner up goggles. It is also a great portable set since the goggles include a carry case and pouch to keep your goggles safe.

These goggles look great and are available in four different colors to choose from. The cylindrical lenses offer great visibility although spherical lenses would have been better. The lenses block out 100% UV400 rays to keep your eyes protected on those bright sunny days.

These goggles are well ventilated and they have an anti-fog design to help you maintain a great view while out and about. The lenses also have a clip-on design. The clip-on lens fits snug but is very easy to switch out with other lens colors.

The frame is made from durable TPU materials that are flexible enough for comfortable wear. The frame is also designed with triple layer foam and sweat absorbent padding to keep your face nice and dry while you are out and about. These goggles are compatible with most spectacle types and you can also use your inserts in them without any trouble.

We also like the detachable strap of this pair of goggles. The goggles are compatible with all ski helmets because they are fully adjustable.


  • The goggles are compatible with most spectacles but you can also wear inserts
  • The durable TPU frame is extremely flexible
  • The lens clips in easily so you can switch to other lenses with ease
  • The lenses block out UV400 rays and have an anti-fog design
  • The goggles come with a handy storage case so you can keep them protected
  • The strap is detachable and adjustable so you can wear the goggles with any type of ski helmet
  • Triple-layer foam and sweat absorbent padding keeps you comfortable while you are practicing


  • The detachable lens is easier to lose compared to other in-frame lens designs
  • The cylindrical lens design doesn’t enhance your vision quite as much as a spherical lenses


Frequently Asked Questions about Ski Goggles for Prescription Wearers

All of these prescription ski goggles are compatible with most spectacle sizes and types (except particularly large specs). But spectacles underneath ski goggles will always feel uncomfortable no matter how flexible or padded these goggles are. This is first because the ski goggles will push your specs too close to your eyes which can cause pinching. Secondly, your spectacles won’t sit in the same position as usual which can affect your vision. It is entirely possible to wear your spectacles under ski goggles but inserts are much more comfortable and practical for most skiers. Inserts are a type of prescription lenses that are specifically designed for wear inside ski goggles. These inserts are fitted with your prescription lenses in a unique frame that butterfly clips into the ski goggles. Prescription ski goggles have a wide enough frame to allow spectacles or inserts without these lenses pushing up against your face. Once the inserts are in place, you will enjoy a much better view of your environment.
You can use prescription ski goggles without an insert or even without your spectacles if you have relatively good vision. But prescription ski goggles do not have prescription lenses in them. The prescription lenses are fitted into the insert that comes inside the goggles. If you don’t have good vision, you might find it hard to see without your inserts or spectacles. This can potentially be very dangerous because there is no way for you to see the obstacles that might be in your way. If you don’t have inserts just jet then the best alternative is to get OTG (over the glasses) goggles. These goggles allow you to fit your spectacles inside your ski goggles and you will still be able to use inserts once you get them since inserts simply butterfly clip into your goggles.
The color of your lenses can have a huge impact on your visibility. Lots of people find it hard to see changes in texture and colors with the naked eye when they are skiing on bright white snow. This can make it hard to spot obstacles in your way or to enjoy the breath-taking views on your ski trips. The right lens color can enhance your visibility dramatically but different color lenses have a different effect. The base lens color should offer you a good contrast. Contrast colors to snowy hilltops include brown, rose, copper, and orange hues. Grey lenses are best for extremely bright locations or those with light-sensitive eyes. Color lenses also offer different degrees of darkness. For skiing in dawn or dusk, you might want to choose an almost clear lens. Your vision during mid-day when the sun is at its brightest will be optimized if you choose a darker lens.
Ski goggles are available in two main lens types; Spherical and cylindrical. Most skiers prefer spherical lenses because they widen your view and they help clear up distortion in your vision field. Cylindrical lenses do not optimize your view in this way but they are usually a lot more affordable compared to spherical lenses. It is much better to spend a bit more on your ski goggles, especially if you already have vision problems.
The best tinting depends on the weather conditions in which you are skiing. Darker lenses are ideal when it is bright and sunny outside because they reduce the amount of light that reaches your eyes and can block out some of that sun glare. Lighter lenses are better for cloudy dais or skiing at dawn or dusk because they allow more sunlight through the lens which can enhance your vision as it is getting darker. For most skiers, it is best to invest in one dark and one light-tinted lens as well as goggles with detachable lenses. When you have multiple lenses, you can easily clip the lens-free and switch over to a more suitable lens type. When choosing your tinting, you should also consider the fact that you cannot take too many accessories along on skiing expeditions. Too many accessories and extra weight can restrict your ability to move freely. If you hate carrying excess weight then a pair of clear or lightly tinted lenses might be the best option.
Fogging is a very common issue for skiers. The warmth of your skin causes your lenses to warm up. When the cool air from outside touches the lenses, it causes condensation and your lenses become fogged up. Fogging is also an issue for spectacle wearers since too much humidity inside your goggles can cause your spectacles or inserts to become all foggy inside your goggles. Anti-fogging treatments are designed to prevent fog buildup on top of your lenses and inside your goggles. Goggle designers use several strategies to keep your goggles and spectacles from fogging up. One of the most common treatments is an anti-fogging coating on your lenses. You will also notice that most goggles are ventilated so humid air can escape the goggles. Proper ventilation also keeps the lens cool which can also prevent fogging. Double layering goggles pushes the lens a little bit further away from your face and also helps keep the lens cool to avoid fogging. Some goggles also have sweat-absorbent padding. This padding keeps your sweat from collecting inside the goggles so the sweat won’t cause more fogging. When you are looking for the best anti-fogging goggles, you should look for goggles that are well ventilated, that have an anti-fogging coating on the lens, and that have lots of padding.
Comfort is one of the biggest issues for those who wear OTG goggles. There are quite a few things you should consider if you want a pair that won’t pinch your face yet will offer you the needed protection from wind and sunlight. One of the best things you can do to enhance comfort is to get inserts. With inserts, your prescription lenses are built into a butterfly clip frame that fits inside the goggles. These lenses clip inside your goggles so you can see clearly without your glasses pinching your face or obscuring your vision. If you are going to wear prescription glasses underneath your goggles then you should make sure that the goggles are wide enough to fit the spectacles comfortably. Goggles that are too narrow can damage your prescription glasses or can cause pinching. Ideally, your specs should fit snug inside the goggle frame without pushing your spectacles too close to your eyes. The frame type you choose can also affect your comfort. TPU frames are ideal because they are extremely flexible. You can bend these frames to suit your face shape. TPU frames are also very durable and they are less likely to break if you happen to fall while skiing. Double-layer padding can also enhance your comfort. Ski goggles need to fit tightly around your helmet and the padding keeps your goggle frames from pinching your skin.

Final Thoughts

We do hope that this guide helped you find a great pair of ski goggles that will fit comfortably over your spectacles or that will suit your inserts to perfection. And if you are looking for other terrific quality skiing or snowboarding accessories then we welcome you to hop over to some of our other guides where you can check out other superior quality skiing gear.