The Best Kids Ski Mittens in 2022

The Best Kids Ski Mittens in 2022: Ultimate Guide

Learning to ski can be a very exciting process for any beginner, and especially for children! But having cold hands can definitely take the fun out of the process.

Being cold can make a child not want to have fun and feel more reserved and nervous about this new experience. We all want our kids to be excited while learning how to ski, and in order to make them feel eager to learn and more comfortable they need to have warm hands.

In this ultimate review and guide, we take a look at the best kids ski mittens!

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Best Kids Ski Mittens Reviews

If you’re looking for the best kids ski mittens and don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. In the following sections, we’ll go over the best options that are on the market right now, so you can have an easier time making your decision!

1. Best Overall: MCTi Kids Mittens

Our top pick for the best kids ski mittens is the mittens by MCTi. They come in several colors, including red, gray, blue and black, and the materials they’re made out of include nylon and faux leather. These gloves fit children from age 2 to 4 years old.

The reason why this is our top pick is because they’re insulated with lightweight, yet thick, Sherpa fleece designed to keep your kid’s hands dry and warm during the winter. The material feels soft and comfortable to wear, and they have a nice feel on the skin.

These mittens are made out of water repellent nylon fabric that’s durable and you can wear them for any outdoor sport that includes snow. They’re effective at preventing melted snow from getting into the gloves, and your kids can have a careless time playing in the snow while keeping warm. The quality of the gloves is approved as a fabric that’s environmentally-friendly.

If you experience any issues with the gloves ripping, the company offers a three-year quality warranty for quick and easy replacement. You won’t have to experience any issues with the gloves falling off, since they have double tightening with a long cuff design. The elastic wrist and wrist buckle are also adjustable, so they can be a custom fit for the hands of your kids.

Lastly, these gloves include reflectors tape and an anti-loss string, so you won’t have to worry about the gloves getting lost while your kids are playing outside. Kids can focus on enjoying the games in the snow instead of making sure that their gloves won’t get lost. The reflector tape on the gloves makes them visible on rainy, snowy, and foggy days and ensures the safety of your child.


  • Waterproof
  • Includes reflector tap
  • Has an anti-loss string


  • Some customers complained about the chart size


2. Best Budget: SimpliKids Waterproof Winter Kids Ski Mittens

If you’re looking for something that won’t break the bank, then we recommend the SimpliKIds Waterproof Winter Kids Ski Mittens. Their price is much lower than the other mittens on this list, but they’ll protect the hands of your kids nevertheless!

These SimpliKids mittens have a hook and loop closure, which makes them easy to put on your kids. They’re affordable in comparison to many of the mittens currently available on the market, and they’re also the best budget pick on our list.

These gloves were designed to offer kids protection during the snowy season and to keep their hands dry in snowy, icy, and wet conditions. If you’re looking to keep your little ones protected from the cold, these gloves are a great winter accessory. Your children can have lots of fun picking out their own pair of gloves, since there’s a variety of colors they can choose from.

These mittens have a long cuff design that keeps hands warm and dry and prevents snow, cold air, and dirt from getting inside the gloves. The extra knitted cuff can be tucked beneath the coat sleeves and jacket of your kids.

They also feature full PU grips on the fingers and palms. The grip is increased thanks to the reinforced thumb and palm patch, which makes them the perfect choice for outdoor activities such as mountaineering, snowboarding, skiing, hiking, rock climbing, and much more.


  • Excellent price
  • Long cuff design
  • Waterproof


  • Customers recommend these gloves for older kids, since they can be a handful when trying to put them on younger kids


3. Best Runner Up: OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Gloves

Coming in second place to the MCTi mittens are the OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Gloves. Even though they’re not our first choice, they’re still pretty great mittens! These mittens come with a buckle closer, which makes them incredibly easy to put on your kids.

They have a long cuff design with strap adjustment and elastic knit over the wrists to keep wind and snow out. They’re made out of cotton, making them very comfortable and breathable while still keeping your child warm. They’re snow proof, windproof, and waterproof, and will keep your kids hands dry in icy, snowy, and wet conditions.

One of the best things about these gloves is that they come in very stylish patterns for both boys and girls, and besides being incredibly comfortable to wear, they’re also a pleasure to look at. They come in three colors, including Dinoverse Madness, Starry Unicorn, and Dino Volcanoland.

The rubber, waterproof palms ensure a lasting and secure grip. These gloves also come with a connector buckle and a tight seal to ensure that you’ll find both of the mittens. They have waterproof and breathable insulation made out of polyester cotton.

The inner lining is made out of polyester fleece, while the outer shell is made with polyester fabric with water repellent treatment.


  • Comes in fun colors and designs
  • Breathable fabric
  • Strap adjustment


  • Some customers have complained that the mittens slide off hands very easily


4. Best Under $10: Kids Thicken Snow Mittens

You get amazing value out of these mittens! These mittens are made out of polyester fiber, which is a very comfortable material to touch, and your child can wear them for a longer time since they’re durable and won’t easily break down.

They have a hood included, which makes them easy to carry around, and you won’t need to worry about your child losing them since they can connect both of the gloves together.

The gloves are great for kids when they’re snowboarding, running, walking, skiing, and doing many other outdoor activities during the winter. You get one pair of ski mittens neatly packaged. The gloves are made out of polyester fiber.


  • Include a hook for carrying around
  • Made out of durable material
  • Have practical design


  • Some customers have complained of a strong chemical smell that the gloves have


5. Alternative: Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Junior Snow Glove

The main reason why these gloves aren’t first place is because their price is a bit on the higher end – though they boast many astounding features!

The fabric that these gloves are made of is water-resistant and windproof. They’re able to hold heat, even in wet conditions, and the polyester fiber they’re made with has a great high insulating capacity. The lining is cozy and soft, which makes these gloves great for wearing during long days at the slopes.

These gloves have an Eagle Grip design that gives your child a comfortable grip and follows the natural curve of the hand, and they feature an elastic strap with a velcro closure, which makes them easy to put on and off your kids.

Hands and feet are the first body parts that suffer when you’re out in cold weather, which is why these mittens are so helpful. Even the smallest of hands need gloves that will warm them up. Hestra highlights quality in each step of the production process.

Every Heli Ski Gloves requires 45 steps, 109 parts, 1 and a half hours to produce, and 18 quality checks. The company was founded by the Mangusson family in 1936. The development and design of the products is still done in Hestra, a small city in Sweden.


  • Come in many different colors
  • Contain warmth efficiently
  • Have convenient features


  • Some customers have complained that the gloves aren’t that durable


What to Look For in Kids Ski Mittens

When searching for the best kids ski mittens, there are several things you should keep in mind.

Down vs Synthetic

Down is very light and warm, however, it takes a longer period of time to dry, which isn’t a good thing if you’re having a fun day at the slopes. On the other hand, synthetic materials dry much faster, and keep some of the warmth even when it’s wet.

The reason for this is because, overall, it absorbs less moisture. Even though it might weigh more, it’s still a better choice for mittens or gloves, especially if you’re buying the mittens for snowboarding or skiing.


Even though most mittens look like they’re waterproof, the truth is that some mittens might only be resistant to water. This type of mittens will be fine if your child will have little contact with the snow on a sunny day.

However, if it starts to rain or your child takes a few falls in the snow, their hands will be soaked in water, and they’ll end up with cold fingers and hands. If your kids are snowboarding and skiing, make sure that you pick mittens that are completely waterproof so their hands can stay dry throughout the day.


A fully waterproof shell and thick insulation create warmth. Look for gloves that conserve heat, dry quickly, and keep out water. Proper insulation of the gloves will lock in body heat, and your child’s hands won’t be freezing after touching the snow.


Many people looking for mittens for their children will often overlook this factor. It’s really important that the mittens are breathable in order to stay warm and to be comfortable while wearing them. When the fabric dries faster and is able to wick away internal moisture, that means that the gloves are breathable.

A breathable fabric will keep your child’s hands warmer and dryer for a longer period of time.

Wrist Straps

Wrist straps will help prevent your child’s gloves from getting lost. Search for mittens that have wrist straps, so when your child isn’t using the mittens they can tie them together or wrap them around their wrist.

How Not to Lose Your Kids Ski Mittens

Once you’ve picked the right color, right size, and overall, the right mittens to make your kids warm and happy, it’s time to make sure that you’re not going to lose them.

The first thing you can do is take the label and write the name of your child and your telephone number on it. This makes sure that you have a better chance of someone returning them to you if you leave them somewhere, or someone bringing them back to the lost property.

Writing your kid’s name and your phone number helps in differentiating the mittens, since it’s likely that there are other kids on the slope that have the same or similar style of mittens.

The second thing we recommend doing is using the straps on the mittens to tie them together. You can also get a small climbing clip which is known as a carabiner, which will allow you to tie the straps together and clip the gloves on your child’s belt, backpack, or other item and keep them in a safe spot.

The last thing we recommend trying is using cuff loops that you wrap around the wrists of your children before they put the gloves on. By doing this, you kids will be able to take them off and use their hands, while having the gloves right by their side. This is especially useful if they’re grabbing a quick snack, reaching into a backpack, or using a ski lift.

How to Keep Your Child’s Hands Warm

If you want to keep your child warm while skiing, the first thing you should do is get quality gloves. However, there are a few more steps you’ll need to take to ensure that they’re comfortable and warm throughout the day, and this is especially important on cold evenings or early mornings.

Keep the Core of Your Kid Warm

The extremities, such as the feet and hands, are the first body parts that suffer as the temperature of the core lowers. For this reason, it’s vital that the most important organs preserve heat.

You can keep a warm core by putting gear and gloves on the inside, drinking hot drinks during the day, going inside during lunchtime, and wearing base layers, socks, and gloves.

Eat Citrus Fruit

Even though it might sound a bit weird, drinking or eating citrus fruits, such as oranges, will improve the blood flow to your child’s hands and legs. You can test this out by packing orange juice or some citrus fruit in your backpack the next time you go out skiing.

Use Glove Liners

You can add an extra layer of insulation by wearing lightweight gloves under the main mittens that you buy for your kids. These are also great if your child wants to take off their main gloves and do something, since they cover the exposed skin. These gloves can be touchscreen-friendly, provide more dexterity, and keep your child warmer.

However, keep in mind that in order for the glove liners to fit, the main gloves will need a little more space, and in some cases the glove liners can be too thick for your child’s mittens and may stretch them out.

Your child can also wear glove liners on their own if their hands don’t get too sweaty in spring skiing or warm weather. Your child can also carry their main gloves around in their pocket or backpack in case bad weather comes.

Make Sure Cuffs Aren’t Too Tight

While wrist cuffs are great to block out frigid air and are a snug fit, they sometimes can be too tight and mess with the blood circulation in your child’s hands. Instead of choosing a really tight fit, go for a moderately tight fit, and make sure you undo the Velcro when your child isn’t doing any activities.

Snowboard vs Ski Mittens

Some gloves that are specific for snowboarding have reinforced palms and knuckle protection in order to give protection to the snowboarder from more contact with the snow and falls. However, you can use most snowboard or ski specific gloves for both of the sports, and most of the gloves are designed for both snowboarding and skiing.

Generally, kids that snowboard prefer mittens, while those who ski prefer gloves, but like we mentioned, both can be used for snowboarding and skiing. Since your fingers share body heat, mittens are usually slightly warmer, while with gloves, you can more easily maneuver with things and they’re easier to grip objects with.

Final Thoughts

We’ve tested several of the best kids ski mittens to make sure that you get the right pair for your child’s needs. The mittens we recommended are truly a great choice to keep your kid’s hands warm during cold winter days. We hope that we’ve helped you in your quest of finding great mittens for your child!