The Best Kids Snowboard

The Best Kids Snowboard: A Top 5 Review

Part of the charm of snowboarding for kids is the cool gear, which includes a snowboard! This fun winter sport requires expertly crafted equipment to help children learn and enjoy the snow-blanketed mountains and hills.

There are options for kids snowboards that will polish their skills without compromising their safety.

In this guide, we cover five of the best kids snowboard options available today to help you make the best choice for your little snow-lover.

The Top 5 Kids Snowboards

Below, we bring you the best kids snowboards on the market – arranged for you according to their specific benefits. That way, you’ll get nothing but the best for your kids. It’s with the right snowboard that you can raise another Shaun White or Jamie Anderson.

Best Kids Snowboard Overall

As much as snow-loving kids are attracted to snowboarding and look forward to riding the fresh powder, they have to be in control of the device they’re riding on. The Glu Recess Asym Kid’s Snowboard helps kids get acquainted with snowboarding basics before fully diving into the sport.

1. Glu Recess Asym Kids Snowboard

This snowboard by Glu Recess is the ultimate beginner snowboard because it is twin-directional with a soft flex and it is designed for freestyle riding on all-mountain terrains. Kids can use this snowboard to learn to ride in any type of snow, on any type of mountain slope, they can use it to glide in any direction (forward or backward) and they can enjoy all different types of snowboarding activities.

The snowboard has a standard design and it is available in 100, 110, 120, and 125 cm lengths to accommodate kids with different heights. The S-rocker or powder rocker design of the board is very practical for beginners who might be traveling at lower speeds and need to make turns easily despite these slower speeds.

All boards by Gnu are manufactured using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing methods. Quality wood is used to manufacture this board and the design is very nice although the white color can be tough to spot if you happen to lose the board in the snow.


  • Brand: Gnu
  • Color: White with graphic print


  • Perfect for all terrains
  • You can use the board for different types of snowboarding activities
  • Soft flex for easy movement
  • The board is beautiful with lots of cute graffiti style images
  • You can get it in different sizes
  • Designed to reduce asymmetry


  • The light white color can be tough to spot in snow
  • Less control in turns
  • Small size is only suitable for younger kids


Best Runner-Up Kids Snowboard

Let your child be the hero of their own snow day story with a Nidecker Micron Snowday Kids snowboard. This board is the perfect gateway to get your little one into the sport. The Nidecker offers unlimited freedom with a grip mat platform instead of bindings. It also comes with a retractable reel so you can pull your child on flat surfaces or uphill.

2. Nidecker Micron Snowday Kids Snowboard

Pull your little one into a lifelong love of snowboarding – literally. The thought of parent-teaching-child was very much in mind while building the Nidecker Micron Snowday. Even if your little grom doesn’t have the independence to carry their board up a hill, the retractable pull reel allows them to practice on snow, grass, sand, or even in the living room.

The glossy bottom and soft edges help your child learn to make controlled movements without strapping into bindings.

The board is true-twin symmetrical, making no difference in which way the young one wants to ride. And the grip mat was designed to provide traction even with snowy, slippery boots on. The EZ-rock profile and flexible core enable a smooth cruise through the snowy hills with a lower percentage of catching an edge.

Nidecker’s Micron Snowday is intended for beginners, more so for young children first learning how to shred.

It’s straightforward and effortless to jump on, and it comes with a rigid-flex and convex base that holds the edges off the snow to avoid any mishaps. The aesthetic design and color choices would attract any child to the snowboard and make them want to hit the slopes.


  • Brand: Nidecker
  • Color: White and blue


  • Color choices will appeal to kids of both genders
  • Great for young children
  • Grip mat instead of bindings
  • Retractable pull-reel


  • Less control with no bindings
  • Bad for carving
  • Only intended for small children


Best Budget Kids Snowboard

Winters spent buried beneath mountains of blankets watching cartoons or playing Xbox are not well-spent! Give your kids a chance to play outside and enjoy the soft tufts of snow using the Evol Classic Kids Snowboard. The affordable price makes this board a no-brainer.

3. Evol Classic Kids Snowboard

This snowboard by Evol is quite affordable compared to others featured on our list. The board features a black and white design with maroon print detail on the top and base. It is available in various sizes which include 130, 135, 140, and 145cm which makes it practical for older kids aged 13 years and up.

The snowboard has a twin directional design with a soft flex that is suitable for beginner kids. It is an all-mountain board which means it is practical for practice sessions in any type of snow at any type of slope. You can use the board for all sorts of freestyle snowboarding adventures.

The board is made from quality materials with a wood core and it is compatible with all snowboard boot types.


  • Brand: Evol
  • Color: black and white with red print


  • The snowboard is perfect for beginners
  • Suitable for kids aged 13 and up
  • The design is very stylish
  • All-mountain snowboard is good for most terrains
  • Twin directional so you can slide either way
  • It is affordable


  • The snowboards design is unclear
  • It is not suitable for younger children
  • Not suitable for competition snowboarding


Best Kids Snowboard Under $150

Snowboarding is the best reprieve from a sedentary lifestyle in winter, and it’s an activity that the kids love. This kids snowboard by Symbolic is one of the best choices under 150 dollars that can help your child learn a new sport.

4. Symbolic Freedom Youth Kids Snowboard

A youth snowboard that is also secretly a hardcore all-mountain rocker. This board performs like others that are twice the price. Perfect for small children, youth boys or girls, and small adults.

It is equipped with ABS sidewall construction to give the board a sturdy edge. At the same time, the flexible wooden core and rocker profile allows smoother transitions into turns. The extruded base provides durability and stability.

The symmetrical twin shape lets you go seamlessly in either direction. This board comes in a high gloss finish, and the hardwood design will hide any scratches put on it throughout its lifespan. The V-Rocker profile is the most comfortable board to ride for any smaller rider.

The easy-to-use snowboard is the best under $150, but it is still a contender for the best overall. The versatility makes it an excellent purchase for any beginners or intermediate riders. It can fit small children, youth, or small adults. It has a design that helps with easy maneuvering to ride with greater control and confidence.


  • Brand: Symbolic
  • Color: Hardwood top and black bottom


  • Versatile in any terrain
  • Perfect for beginners or intermediate riders
  • Affordable price


  • Hardwood design is not as exciting as some other boards
  • Not as durable as more expensive boards


Alternative Kids Snowboard

If the above snowboards didn’t do it for you, this one just might. The Jones Prodigy Youth snowboard is built with fast learning kids in mind, making this board a long-lasting choice from beginner to intermediate.

5. Jones Prodigy Youth Snowboard

While most kids boards have standard materials designed for first-time riders, the Prodigy is the exception. It uses the same materials in the Jr. board as it does in the adult, allowing kids to learn on the board and carry it with them through more experienced trails. The nose and tail have spooned edges for more comfortable transitions into turns.

The dual-direction, dual-layer fiberglass allows for a forgivable and enjoyable yet snappy ride. The newly designed 3D contour base is made for enhanced glide and floats on powder, and delivers fluidity in any snow. The flexibility technology provides a consistent flex, giving a controlled response from day one without breaking in the board.

It has beautiful art designed by Jeremy Collins and comes with a wax finish fresh out of the factory, making this board able to grip and rip right out of the box. There is no reason not to love this board. It can handle freestyle, deep power, slow carving, high-speed slashing, and icy edging.

The added technology of the snowboard emphasizes a “not just for kids” theme. Your child could have this from a starter to a pro.


  • Brand: Jones
  • Color: Blue, yellow, and green


  • Versatile
  • Built for beginners or experienced riders
  • Lightweight design


  • Individual design may not be for everyone
  • High price compared to other boards on the list


General FAQs About Snowboards

How are camber boards and rocker boards different?

Camber boards arch up in the middle and offer more control and stability. This design makes them a suitable option for those who perform a lot of jumps.

Although it’s an older design, camber boards are still preferred by many for the stability and response it generates. Beginners find it useful to use camber boards, as they help them to test out their skills.

On the other hand, rocker boards are flat in the middle and curve up on both ends. Due to their design, these boards are more maneuverable and ride better on softer snow.

What is a hybrid board?

Hybrid boards are a mixture of camber and rocker. They are for snowboarders who enjoy riding on different terrain. With the shape of a camber board and a rocker’s benefits, hybrid boards are suitable for use in various areas, pushing you to test and try yourself even more.

How can a flexible snowboard help you?

A flexible snowboard helps with maneuvering. You can quickly learn new tricks due to high flexibility, making it an ideal choice for beginners. Where stiff boards offer grip, flexibility can provide more stability on the slopes.

FAQs About Kids Snowboards

How should kids choose a snowboard?

There are so many options on the market for kids that focus on the growth of skills. However, it would be best to consider the factors when purchasing a snowboard for a kid, including size, base, flex, width, and budget.

For kids who are just venturing into the sport, a less expensive snowboard that helps with learning would be ideal. Of course, kids will have their color preferences, so you’ll need to keep that in mind too.

What issues do beginners face while snowboarding?

You don’t have to be a specific age to be a beginner, but kids have notoriously poor coordination. To master snowboarding skills, you have to be persistent and understand that there will be errors and falls. It will take time before a kid is fully able to control their movements.

Is snowboarding safe for kids?

Yes and no. It depends on where you choose to practice. Remember to start small. Only after your child has shown mastery of specific skills should they be taken out on the real slopes, and even then, they should still stick to beginner hills. Snowboarding is a sport, after all, and there can be risks of serious injuries.

However, it’s the adrenaline rush and conquering of fear that people look for in this sport. As your kids develop into teenagers, they’ll be able to handle the advanced slopes more efficiently.


Snowboarding can be a fantastic activity for kids to engage in; it’s physical and gets them out of the house to enjoy the great outdoors. But getting out into the snow is nothing without a cool board.

The snowboards on the list above are some of the top snowboards for kids on the market today. We hope this article has helped you discover the best kids snowboard for your snow-loving kid.

Be safe and have fun!