Best Ski Helmets with Speakers [A Top 5 Review] 

Best Ski Helmets with Speakers [A Top 5 Review] 

A ski helmet is a vital accessory to have when you are out skiing or snowboarding. Shredding the mountain tops can be a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous. You can lose your balance at any given time and one wrong turn could send you tumbling down into all sorts of hard rocks or trees. A ski helmet is a bare necessity to protect your head from these impacts. There are quite a few different types of ski helmets on the market and they can have all sorts of features such as ventilation systems, speakers, bluetooth connectivity or other features that can make your skiing adventures a lot more fun. High-density reinforcement inside the helmet is crucial for all critical impact areas. This layer of foam is also ideal for keeping you comfortable, especially if you are wearing your specs underneath the helmet. While safety is necessary, no one will ever mind if a ski helmet is used for more than just protection. These helmets are also very stylish and there is no reason they can’t be used for listening to your favorite music. If you love shredding down those blissful slopes while listening to music or want to answer your phone without digging it out of your pocket then it is time for you to get a helmet with a good set of speakers. Let’s dive in.

5 of the Best Ski Helmets with Speakers

Ski helmets vary quite a lot in style and functionality. They are available in different sizes and can be made in all sorts of colors and graphic designs but not all helmets have speakers. Some helmets are just for protection, others have inserts where you can position headphones and others are designed with speakers and others advanced tech features. WIth an advanced helmet, you can connect to your phone, listen to music, answer your phone, and log in your GPS position. In this handy guide, we will take a quick look at some of the best ski helmets with speakers and we are going into detail about all the leading pros and cons of each helmet.

1. The Overall Best Helmet – The Salomon Brigade Audio Helmet

Salomon Brigade’s helmet has a traditional helmet look and smooth and small top air vents. The helmet is only available in black and has no additional graphics or prints. If you prefer simple, this is your helmet. The helmet has an expanded polypropylene inner and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene outer shell. These materials are durable and will offer good protection from severe impacts. If you hate a helmet that feels all stuffy then you will love the functionality of the Salomon. The helmet offers great climate control thanks to two active front vents that allow air to flow through internal EPS4D channels. This controlled airflow is good for keeping your head cool while skiing and they reduce the humidity so your goggles wont become all foggy. At 1 pound the helmet very light. You can wear it for hours on end without feeling strained and without the chances of getting a neck strain. The Salomon Brigade is very snug to wear. It has an integrated dial adjustment system that allows you to tighten or loosen the helmet by turning a simple knob at the back. This helmet is ideal for listening to your favorite tunes while skiing. At the back, there is a cable jack that allows you to connect your helmet to a phone or mp3 player. With this jack, the wires will keep out of your way while you are having adventure.


  • The helmet is made from durable materials
  • It has thick padding to protect your skull
  • The helmet is very light
  • It has air vents and airflow channels for good climate control
  • The helmet is adjustable
  • It has built-in speakers
  • The helmet is affordable


  • It doesn’t have the most stylish design
  • The vents are not adjustable
  • It is only available in small size
  • No goggles included


2. The Best Runner Up – The Demon United Phantom Helmet

We love the stylish design of the Demon United Phantom Helmet. This helmet is available in black, blue, grey, orange, and white colors and it comes with a handy set of blue goggles. It has curved lines at the top and a different colored base that gives it a very sleek and sporty overall look. You can get this helmet in small, medium, large and X-large sizes. It is made with ABS outer materials and has a thick yet comfortable liner that will keep you protected in case you fall. The helmet also has a padded neck with closed ears to keep you from feeling chilled. The chin strap is adjustable for a snug fit. The ski goggles included are UV protected, polarized, with a mirrored lens, an adjustable strap and it comes with a handy carry bag. At the front, you will notice two large yet stylish air holes that allow lots of cool air to enter the helmet so you won’t get all sweaty and so your goggles won’t get fogged up. The weight of the helmet is also relatively light at just 2.65 pounds. The helmet is designed with audio. You can just plug it into your phone and enjoy your favorite music in high Bose/AKG quality sound. The ski goggles include:
  • UV protected
  • Polarized and mirrored lens
  • An adjustable strap
  • A carry bag


  • The helmet is very stylish
  • Mirrored goggles are included
  • It is available in various sizes
  • You can get it in different colors
  • Two large vents and air holes will keep you nice and cool
  • It is made from rigid ABV materials and thick padding for good protection
  • The helmet is very affordable


  • The vents are not adjustable
  • Aside from the chin strap, the helmet’s fit is not adjustable
  • The audio cord is not made from the best materials but can be replaced


3. The Best Alternative – The K2 Diversion Ski Helmet 2016

This ski helmet by K2 comes in all-black but don’t be fooled by its lack of graphic prints.. It looks fantastic because of the way the air vents are placed and shaped. You can get it in small, medium, large and X-Large. At just 0.43 kilograms, it is very light and won’t weigh you down on long skiing adventures. If you love ski accessories with advanced desgins then you will adore the construction and feel of the K2 Diversion. It is the only model from K2 that offers a hybrid construction that keeps the weight as low as possible while enhancing the durability of the helmet. You can customize it to fit your head perfectly because has a 360 dialed fit system at the back. Just turn the knob to get it to fit your head nice and snug. The K2 isn’t very likely to get all soggy and smelly because it has lot of active vents help keep you cool and keep your goggles from becoming foggy while skiing. The full-wrap liner system is also removable so you can give it a good wash before using it again. You can use the helmet to listen to music while you are skiing because it has a baseline audio system. This audio system won’t offer you the clearest and highest quality sound imaginable but it is still great for breaking the silence on those quiet mountain slopes.


  • Stylish helmet
  • Lots of large air vents to keep you cool
  • Hybrid design reduces the weight of the helmet while enhancing your safety
  • Made from durable materials
  • Available in various sizes
  • The strap can adjust for a perfect fit
  • It has an audio system


  • Not available in other colors
  • Goggles aren’t included
  • No locking clip for goggles


4. The Best Budget Helmet – The Ledivo Ski Helmet

We love the cracked paint look of the ski helmets by Ledivo. It is available in black, gray, purple, and white colors and has the Ledivo logo printed on the side. It is also very affordable compared to some of the other audio helmets on our list. You will notice lots of air holes in a stylish curved design on the top and at the sides. These air vents are ideal for keeping you nice and cool while skiing and they also reduce the humidity inside your helmet which keeps your goggles and spectacles from getting all foggy. With good climate control you will feel fantastic while gliding down the slopes and you can stay focused. It is a very safe helmet to wear because it is designed with premium EPS foam and a high-impact ABS shell to keep you protected in case of a bad fall. The design and materials are safety tested and complies with EN1077 and ASTM safety standards. You can get the Ledivo in many sizes. A dial adjustment system at the back also allow you to tighten the ski helmet for a firm fit that offers the maximum protection. The chin strap is also adjustable to keep your helmet and goggles in place even as you venture at high speeds. The Ledivo Ski Helmet is compatible with most goggle types and it has a handy goggle loop at the back that will ensure that you won’t lose your goggles even if you have a bad fall. At 1.33 pounds, it is very light, so you can keep wearing it for a long time without feeling neck pain.


  • Made from durable materials that offer good impact protection
  • Lots of vents that is adjustable
  • It has a goggle strap
  • Available in different colors
  • The helmet is nice and light
  • It is available in many different sizes
  • The helmet is adjustable for a snug fit
  • The helmet is affordable


  • No goggles included


5. The Helmet with the Best Tech – The Livall RS1 Smart Ski Helmet

If you prefer a helmet with lots of advanced techs, you can consider this one by Livall. The helmet is grey with a white stripe at the side of the helmet. It has lots of air vents, including side vents that can be closed off. At the side, you will notice a one-click button that allows you to answer the phone quickly. It has a cotton interior to help keep you nice and comfortable. Thick padding will protect your head from impacts. There are 15 vents in total located all over the helmet. Many can be opened and closed by sliding the red handle at the helmet top up and down. The air vents and design of the helmet will keep you nice and cool. The helmet is only available in one size. But it does have an adjustment dial and an adjustable chin strap so you can get a comfortable fit. This helmet is packed with modern tech:
  • Built-in speakers
  • One-click phone answer
  • Real-time GPS positioning
  • Fall detection alarm,
  • PTT walkie talkie
And it can share your live location with other RSI skiers. It even has an anti-loss alarm so that you can locate it with ease.


  • Made from durable materials
  • Stylish design
  • Adjustable air vents
  • Adjustable fit
  • Cone-click phone answer
  • Lots of advanced tech
  • Anti-loss alarm
  • GPS tracking and positioning


  • No ski goggles included
  • Not available in other colors
  • Not available in other sizes


What to Consider Before Buying the Best Ski Helmets With Speakers

When it comes to choosing an audio-compatible helmet, there are a few factors to bear in mind.

Type of Audio System

Before you choose your Bluetooth ski helmet with speakers, it is important to know the difference between built-in audio and drop-in audio capabilities. If your ski helmet has a built-in microphone and music player, then it is ready to use right out of the box for listening to music or making phone calls. To ensure you get the best value for your money, investigate the sound quality of your audio-ready helmet ahead of time. On the other hand, you will need to acquire a communicator separately if it has drop-in audio. Occasionally, these can also be audio-compatible. While built-in systems are more convenient and usually provide better value, they are more difficult to come by. The drop-in functionality is available in several of the top-of-the-line models, but you usually have to pay extra for it.

Comfort Level

Consider the level of comfort you require as well. You will be wearing your helmet for many hours, if not days, at a time. You won’t want to wear your helmet all that time if it is unpleasant, and that would be a tragic waste of your ski day. Make sure the helmet you buy is adjustable to fit your head shape and has comfort features like padding and foam lining. When you are out on the slopes, ventilation is another factor that will contribute to your comfort.

The Materials Used to Make It

The primary purpose of a ski helmet is to provide extra protection for your head. When shopping for a ski helmet that is both safe and effective, you have to be sure it is well-built and made from high-quality materials that will protect you from rotational impact, no matter how hard you fall. A decent helmet should have many layers of protection. All of the helmets on this list are made of cutting-edge, highly developed materials. MIPS technology, for example, provides additional protection from different types of impacts from various angles.


Functionality is important, but you probably want a helmet that looks cool, too. Most people tend to like an older, sleeker style over the more modern style, but that is all personal preference. These styles have a timeless appeal that never goes out of fashion. Some people choose a large helmet for more protection, while others prefer a smaller, lighter type. The brim, chin-strap, and breathability are other design factors to think about.


A ski helmet should not feel too heavy or bulky. However, comfort should not come at the expense of safety. You should avoid buying cheap helmets made of basic ABS because they will mostly feel thick, bulky, and uncomfortable.

Compatibility With Goggles

You don’t want to stand the risk of losing your pair of goggles in the event of a collision. As a result, always double-check the helmet’s goggle compatibility. The goggle straps should be held in place using built-in clips. In fact, most high-end goggles feature cord patterns and sturdy straps to keep them from sliding off.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are buying a ski helmet for the first time, you probably have plenty of questions about these helmets. Here is a quick look at some of the most asked questions that skiers have when shopping for a good helmet.

Ski helmets are not compulsory. No one is going to write you a ticket if you don’t wear your helmet.

But it is preferable because skiing down high slopes at high speeds can be very dangerous.

One bad fall can result in terrible head injuries. Helmets also help keep you warm in these icy climates.

With the great look of modern helmets, there isn’t an excuse not to wear them. They are perfect style accessories to complete your look.

Most skiers try to replace their helmets every three to five years. This is because the inner foam hardens over time and becomes brittle.

If this happens, your helmet will no longer offer adequate protection from impacts.

You should also replace your helmet after a bad crash if there are damages to your helmet shell or if the straps and buckle are not working right anymore.

Ideally, you shouldn’t wear anything under your helmet.

It should fit nice, and snug and thick beanies can affect the way your helmet fits. If it is freezing, you should consider a thin liner or thin balaclava.

Motorbike helmets are not designed for skiing.

They are too thin for the high speeds you are traveling at, and they are much too heavy.

You will feel tired and strained within a short while if you wear a motorcycle helmet.

Many resorts have rental stock for both children and adults. You can rent a helmet, but it is better to get your own.

With your very own helmet, you can choose one that suits your style, your head size, and your need for perfection.

You also don’t have to consider what other sweaty heads might have worn the helmet before you.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide helped you find a quality ski helmet with speakers.

If so, now you can be well protected and entertain yourself while sliding down the mountain.

If you are also in the market for other quality ski and snowboarding equipment, feel free to check out some of our other guides.

You find more guides where we compare other top-quality skiing accessories and equipment.