The Best Women’s Ski Pants in 2021

The Best Women’s Ski Pants in 2021

Skiing is one of the most popular outdoor activities and hobbies for women. Nothing beats that feeling of gliding through the slopes and truly enjoying yourself and the nature surrounding you. But, don’t forget that ski trails are notoriously cold. You need to make sure that you bring the right gear for your ski trip, and good pants are one of the most important pieces!

Below, we’ll look into some of the best ski pants for women that are on the market right now.

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1. Best Overall Ski Pants: Burton Women’s Gloria Snow Pants

Kicking off this list are the best-in-class ski pants that you can find. The Burton Women’s Gloria Snow Pants are an awesome choice for women of all ages and body sizes, and they’ll definitely make your skiing experience more fun!

The first thing you’ll notice about the pants is their comfortable fiber material. The material easily hugs your body and fits perfectly, regardless of your shape. Burton designed these pants to have a slim fit, but don’t worry, you’ll have enough room in the pants to move around freely.

We also appreciate the DRYRIDE two-layer fabric, which no other pants on this list have. It helps with keeping you warm for as long as you ski thanks to its waterproof build.

The pair of ski pants come with Living Lining, which is mapped with taffeta and a strengthened fabric. This will help you to regulate your body’s temperature, especially when the ski trail gets really cold. One of the most important parts of having ski pants is ensuring that they can properly regulate your temperature. Thankfully, you won’t have any issues with temperature control in these pants.

Moving away from temperature regulation, you will find that these pants also have enough features to keep you safe. There are zippered cargo pockets to help you keep all your items, as well as reinforced cuffs that are completely abrasion-resistant. There are plenty of pockets where you can store all sorts of accessories. The leg vents on these pants do set it above all the rest. These leg vents with zipper closure and breathable membrane are easy to open when you start to feel too hot or sweaty on your skiing adventures.

Additional features include a key clip, articulated knees for more safety, and a card pocket in case you need to store extra items.

Product Specifications

  • Pant type – Cargo snow pants
  • Color options – 13 Color options
  • Main materials – Dryride two-layer fabric exterior and taffeta stretch lining
  • Waterproofing – 10,000MM waterproof
  • Windproofing – Yes
  • Pockets – 2 top front, 2 back, and two cargo pockets with zippers as well as additional vent pockets
  • Closure type – Zipper and button


  • Breathable and comfortable fabric for weather protection
  • Slim fit
  • Effective body temperature regulation
  • Stylish design 
  • The Cargo pant design features many pockets so you can store belongings
  • The waterproof fabric will keep you nice and dry
  • Lined for extra warmth
  • The wide-leg design is compatible with ski boots


  • The fabric can be difficult to wash
  • You’ll need to be mindful of the length
  • The fit is a bit wide at the hip

These snow pants are exactly what you need for a day on the trails. They’re effective and comfortable, and they provide enough space for you to easily store your items!

2. Best Runner-up: Arctix Womens Insulated Snow Pants

If you’re not getting the Burton Women’s Gloria Snow Pants, these Arctix Insulated Snow Pants are the next best thing you can find.

The pair of pants are made of a breathable fibre material that makes you feel comfortable as soon as you slip the insulated ski pants on. Arctix has also thrown in a zipper enclosure, so you won’t have any problems taking these pants on and off.

They are machine-washable and size versatile, so you will be able to wear them regardless of your body size.

One of the most impressive features of these pants is the Thermalock feature. With a synthetic 85g insulation material, this feature means that the pants are able to prevent the cold from getting in. In other words, these pants will keep you incredibly warm. This feature also helps to reduce insulation weight and bulk, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to move around freely.

The pants are also resistant to outdoor elements like snow and water, and they are durable against any contact damage or abrasions.

Every ski trip needs thick pants that can withstand the effects of the weather, and these are a great option!

Product Specifications

  • Pant type – Insulated snow pants
  • Color options – 20 Color options
  • Main materials – Thermatech exterior fabric with 600 denier ballistic reinforcing and thermalock coating
  • Waterproofing – Water and snow resistant
  • Windproofing – Wind resistant
  • Pockets – 2 Hand pockets
  • Closure type – Zipper closure



All in all, these snow pants are a great option for anyone looking to go on a ski trip. They’re affordable, and they still manage to incorporate the best technology to keep you comfortable at all times!

3. Best Budget Ski Pants: Wildhorn Kessler Womens Ski Pants

If the two options above are a little too pricey for you, these pants offer similar value for less money. You won’t have to break the bank to buy the Wildhorn Kessler Women’s Ski Pants, and they’ll still give you a good experience.

Designed in the United States, these ski pants come with a complete polyester build and material. They have a zipper closure as well, so you won’t have any problems with taking them on or off. While some customers have complained about the strength of the zipper closure, this shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

We love the excess pockets on these ski pants and they also feature inner and outer thigh vents that you can open when you feel a bit too hot. The thigh pockets come with zipper closures so you can firmly secure your belongings.

Moving on, these ski pants have an incredible feel to them. With an articulated 360° fit and feel, the pants ensure that you won’t have any problems moving around. This is especially important if you’re skiing! You want to be able to seamlessly move your hands and feet, and these pants will do a great job of helping you with that. Weather protection is another area where these pants excel.

The pants are 12k waterproof rated, and they offer Dupont DWR coating to keep you comfortable and dry for as long as you want.

Wildhorn’s designers have specially sealed the critical seamless in the waterproof pants, so you’re completely protected from snow and other weather conditions. With these pants, you’ll be able to get much more for much less.

They don’t take up much space or weigh you down, all while offering great features and versatility.

Product Specifications

  • Pant type – Cargo snow pants
  • Color options – 13 Color options
  • Main materials – Dryride two-layer fabric exterior and taffeta stretch lining
  • Waterproofing – 10,000MM waterproof
  • Windproofing – Yes
  • Pockets – Various pockets as well as venting pockets with zippers
  • Closure type – Zipper closure with button



These pants definitely get the job done. They’re stylish enough to go with differentski goggles and ski equipment, and they also offer enough protection for you to be confident on the slopes.

4. Best Ski Pants Under $50: Rdruko Women’s Waterproof Snow Pants

If you’re really crunching cash for your ski pants, the Rdruko Women’s Waterproof Snow Pants are a modest option at under $50. The material might not be quite as stylish or comfortable, but if skiing is what you need them for, they’ll do the job just fine.

The Rdruko snow pants design incorporates both spandex and polyester. The polyester material is known for being firm, while you’ll get enough stretch and flexibility courtesy of the spandex.

The pants also offer a zipper enclosure for you to seamlessly take them on and off. The skiing pants are completely waterproof, and they can also hold their own against wind elements. The material itself is also fairly breathable, so you won’t be too uncomfortable as you ski and move around.

You’ll find that these pants come with thick fleece lining. This will keep you warm and dry in the cold weather. The polyester fabric is also quite resistant to wear and tear, so you can expect them to last for a while, providing good value for money spent. There’s an extra layer of protection around the knees to ensure that you don’t get hurt if you make any unexpected contact with hard surfaces.

You’ll love the adjustable waistband on these pants! The belt loop and elastic waistband are easily adjustable to fit your body and your preferences. To keep your items and personal belongings, you can use either the two zippered pockets in the front or the one in the back.

Product Specifications

  • Pant type – Soft shell snowboard pants
  • Color options – 7 Color options
  • Main materials – Softshell with fleece lining
  • Waterproofing – Yes
  • Windproofing – Yes
  • Pockets – 2 Hand pockets and one back pocket with zipper closure
  • Closure type – Zipper closure



5. Alternative 1: Spyder Women’s Winner Gore-tex Ski Pant

Last, but certainly not least, are the Spyder Women’s Winner Gore-tex Ski Pant. We put this pair in the alternative category because it’s in a class of its own.

If you want form and function, these are for you. Made of 100% polyester, these stylish pants are bound to stand out at any skiing event or resort.

The white color option is just perfect, and will make you dream of becoming one with the snow as soon as you set eyes on it! These pants are available in quite a few additional colors like black, light blue, grey, Turkish sea, hibiscus, as well as other prints so those who prefer a splash of color can also find what they are looking for. 

With these pants, you get a 2-layer polyester shell, as well as DWR and GORE-TEX laminate to keep you comfortable and dry. Its external part also features 40 grams of 3M Thinsulate Insulation. Keep in mind that these pants can only be washed in the machine.

They offer a more fitted design than other options on our list to keep you extra snug and warm. Besides this, you also get to enjoy warmth thanks to the snow gaiter and watertight seams. These will prevent snow and water from penetrating the material and getting to your skin, so you will stay safe and comfortable as you ski.

Moving on, the insulated Gore-Tex ski pants offer a reinforced knee construction, so you’re protected if you happen to fall or get into an accident.

An adjustable waist also ensures that you will be able to move around more freely. Regardless of your weight or body size, you can rest assured that these pants will fit you properly.

These pants also offer reverse coil hand and leg zippers. The zippers themselves are of the highest quality, so you won’t need to replace them after very little use.

You’ll also get full seam taping, as well as a reinforced scuff cuff around the bottom hem, and reflective decals to help make you visible to strangers if you’re skiing in the dark!

Product Specifications

  • Pant type – Softshell stretch pants
  • Color options – 8 Color options
  • Main materials – 100% Polyester
  • Waterproofing – Snow and waterproof
  • Windproofing – Yes
  • Pockets – Two hand pockets with zipper closure
  • Closure type – Zipper closure



While these pants are built for skiing, the truth is that they will work for any outdoor activity. As long as you’re going out in the cold, rest assured that they’re here for you.

The Different Types of Women’s Ski Pants

When it comes to women’s ski pants, there are all different types and configurations. Generally, each of these will serve a specific purpose. So, you need to know what you want before you decide which pair to buy.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to which type of ski pants to choose. This is primarily because each woman has a specific body shape and preference for temperature regulation. Some women get hot really quickly, while others might have a higher threshold for heat.

Regardless, you need to know which type of ski pants to get. Below, we’ll outline the different options available.

best womens ski pants two

Insulated Pants

If you’re looking to go on your trip and don’t want to dress under multiple layers of underwear, then insulated pants might be just what you need. Insulated ski pants are constructed to be windproof and waterproof, and they also have an insulated layer built right into them.

Insulated ski pants are great because they provide a sufficient layer of insulation and protection from heat. Most of these pants have insulating layers made of materials like fleece, Primasoft, and other synthetic materials. In some situations, you can find insulated pants that are made of separate insulator pieces that can even be taken out if the environment gets too hot.

When you see insulated pants, their insulation levels are usually measured in grams. The higher the grams, the better the pants will be at regulating heat and keeping the cold out. If you’re a naturally cold person, we recommend going with insulated ski pants.

Shell Pants

One of the primary benefits of shell ski pants is that they are waterproof and windproof. Many of them don’t have internal insulation mechanisms, but they’re still very breathable.

Another benefit of shell ski pants is that they are much more mobile. They offer a better range of movement than insulated pants, and they’re usually worn over base layers. On colder days, you could easily have a mid-layer between the base layer and the shell pants.

If you feel like it, you could always wear shell pants on their own. Or, you could layer them over other attire. But, the truth is, these may not be the best option if you’re skiing in extremely cold temperatures.

Stretch Pants

If you’re going for a ski trip but still want to look fashionable, stretch pants are what you want. As the name suggests, these pants are great at stretching and clinging to your body. Most stretch pants are made of waterproof, insulated, and breathable materials. They can easily conform to your body, and they’ll make you look amazing!

Despite fitting tight against the skin, stretch pants still make it easy for you to move around freely. Their materials are very elastic, so they move with your body seamlessly.

In general, the entire point for these pants is to create less room between your body and your attire. This way, there is no space for heat whatsoever.

Bib Pants

Finally, we have bib pants. Bib pants are insulated pants that offer a little bit more fabric from the waist to cover sensitive areas around your chest and upper body. Bib pants can vary from just a simple pair of high-waisted pants to a full attire with even suspenders. In some cases, their design even resembles that of a pair of overalls.

These pants are especially great for two reasons. First, you get additional warmth, especially to the important areas of your body. Second, they offer more coverage to above-the-waist areas, so you’ll be protected especially when snow goes up your jacket.

While the pants can be a bit challenging to wear, you’ll find that they offer more protection on colder days.

Important Things to Consider When Buying Women’s Ski Pants

Waterproof Rating

best womens ski pants

If you’re thinking about buying ski pants, you definitely need to consider the waterproof rating. This will show you how quickly the pants will get saturated by moisture and snow while you’re skiing. By extension, you know how quickly water will get into the fabric if you ever come into contact with it.

Waterproof material needs to withstand water pressure from a column measuring 1 meter without leaking. Essentially, the waterproof rating is the level at which the water starts to penetrate the fabric itself. The higher the number, the longer the pants will be able to withstand rain and snow.

Pants can be rated as high as 20,000 mm. However, the average rating stands somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 mm. You also want to keep in mind that pants with higher waterproof ratings tend to cost more money.


Breathability is more of a measure of how well a pair of pants can move moisture from inside to the outside. Even when you aren’t doing anything,you can lose over half a liter of fluids through your skin. So, you need a way to transfer all of that moisture out of your body as you ski.

Given that you’re wearing clothes, the same material that prevents water and moisture from getting through to you will need to also help transfer moisture from your body to the outside. To release that moisture, your ski pants will need to be able to breathe.

Materials like nylon and cotton are pretty breathable. But, of course, you can always find other materials that will work just as well.

Like waterproof ability, breathability is also measured in grams. Breathability can be found by finding the Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) – a metric that determines how many grams of sweat per square meter the fabric can lose in a day. The higher the number, the more the amount of moisture that can escape the fabric and, by extension, the more breathable the fabric will be.


You need to consider how comfortable the pants are. This is especially important if you’re on the bigger side.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to wear skin tight pants. If you don’t want to be smothered by the material, you don’t have to. Make sure to get something that you can easily move around in and that will ensure that you’re always comfortable.


Of course, the pants should be reasonably priced. You don’t want something too expensive, but you need to remember that quality costs money as well. It’s important to make a budget and stick to it.

Thankfully, we have several options on our list that are pretty affordable. So, you can have a safe and comfortable day at the ski trail without breaking the bank!

Frequently Asked Questions

The perfect ski pants will offer a mix of breathability, comfort, waterproof capabilities, and durability. If you’ve found all these features in a pair of pants, then you should definitely be able to enjoy your ski trip!
You’re free to choose whatever style you want when it comes to ski pants. There are options available for women who want something skin tight and options available for those who don’t.


It’s always fun to plan and go on a ski trip. It’s even better when you’re able to enjoy your ski trip knowing that you’re safe and warm. Above, we’ve featured some of the best women’s ski pants available today! Ideally, the Burton Women’s Gloria Snow Pants are the best bet if you’re trying to get optimal quality. These pants offer everything you need, including breathability, impressive waterproof features, and the ability to always keep you warm. There are also sufficient storage features in case you have extra items that you need to take with you on your trip!

We hope that you enjoyed this guide. If you are also looking for agreat women’s ski jacket to go with your ski pants or other ski accessories, you should have a look at some of the other guides we have onSnow Authorities. With our guides, you can find suitable gear and have a blast despite the extreme cold.