The Best Women's Beginner Snowboard

The Best Women’s Beginner Snowboard – Our Top 5 Picks for 2021

There’s a saying that snowboarding is hard to learn but easy to master. Learning how to snowboard involves learning how to use the correct stance. It’s essential to have the proper posture because it determines your center of gravity and how long you’ll be able to stay up for.

To have the correct stance, you need the right gear. That’s why we’re going to discuss the best women’s beginner snowboard. The process of learning how to snowboard is a complex but easy one you’ve learned. The snowboard you choose determines how the process goes and how much you’ll enjoy your snowboarding experience.

Let’s dive in.

The Top 5 Women’s Beginner Snowboards

The most important part of learning how to snowboard is choosing the right snowboard. There is a lot of information available on selecting the right snowboard, which can be overwhelming. The choice of which snowboard is best for you relies on finding the right length, width, and knowing the type of terrain you’ll be riding on.

The right snowboard length depends on your body weight and where you choose to ride. The method of standing next to a snowboard to see if it reaches your chin works if you’re shopping at a physical location. But the world has changed, and more of us are buying our gear online.

It’s essential to look at your ability level, weight, and how the board is made. The correct snowboard width is when your boots slightly go over the board. Finding the correct board width helps you leverage your board and modulate your ankles.

The terrain affects your board choice. Modern snowboards are designed for specific landscapes. But there are some snowboards that you can use on any terrain.

You should pick the snowboard which works best for you and feels most comfortable. This buying guide sums up your best options, and we give you the pros and cons of each snowboard.

It is up to you to decide on which one is the best women’s beginner snowboard.

1. Rossignol Women’s Frenemy Snowboard – The Best Overall

This snowboard is excellent for beginners because it is suitable for all kinds of terrain. It is not limited, and you can try it on any available terrain. It’s also easy to carry around if you plan on snowboarding on different terrains.

It is challenging for beginner snowboarders to know what type of terrain they will encounter. Therefore, this board is great because it’s suitable for many terrains. The Rossignol Women’s Frenemy Snowboard has a directional shape. It is stiff at the tail and has a wide and soft nose.

Snowboards with a directional shape are made to support beginners. The directional shape helps you stay afloat while moving at high speeds. The snowboard is rockered at both ends, which improves balance and stability. It’s easy to learn to ride with this board. The pressure is on the end of the board, which lessens the strain on your center of gravity.

This snowboard has RadCut edge profiling. The sides have small sections of reverse side cuts, making it easier for you to take twists and turns. The board supports your learning process by allowing smoother turns and improved performance.


  • The snowboard has bindings that give you a better grip.
  • The snowboard base comes in a variety of colors.
  • While it is excellent for beginners, you can still use it when you transition to being an advanced rider.
  • It provides excellent balance and stability.
  • The twin shape makes the riding switch more effortless, and the setback stance makes it easier to control the board.
  • It is suitable for all terrains.


  • The board picks up chatter at high speeds.
  • Some customers say that the dismount after a jump is much rougher than expected.


2. Capita Space Metal Fantasy Women’s Snowboard – The Best Runner Up

This snowboard from Capita takes second place. It has won the Transworld Good Wood Award five times. And it is regarded as one of the best women’s park boards on the market. You can recognize a park snowboard by looking at the design symmetry. It is made to perform equally well whether you’re riding, taking off, or landing in both directions.

The board supports expressive freestyling and performing nose and tail presses. This board is designed to withstand the impact of rails. For the times when you make inevitable mistakes, you’ll be happy you were on this board. Also, it has less swing weight, making it easier for you to make swings and turns.

While it may be referred to as a park board, the Space Metal Fantasy board performs well in other terrains. It is excellent for carving down slopes, playing in a park, and shredding through the snow. This snowboard is made from quality materials, making it very strong and resilient.

It has PLT Topsheet Technology with a unique blend of biaxial fiberglass and an FSC certified dual-core. These materials work together to improve your ride’s quality and make sure that your board as long as it needs to.


  • The reverse camber shape is forgiving for beginner riders.
  • The board handles the snow with minimum vibrations.
  • It is engineered for transition, rails, and park use.
  • It is lightweight and won’t feel heavy in your boots.
  • The base material is designed for a soft and smooth ride.
  • It offers the greatest performance at a low price.


  • It is not classified as an all-mountain board, so it is not suitable for different terrains.
  • It’s made for sliding, so it does not have a firm grip.


3. Camp Seven Dreamcatcher Snowboard – The Best Under $170

This snowboard is called the Dreamcatcher. It got its name from compiling a list of the features found in the dream snowboard. The new CRCX profile provides the best of every camber story. This profile increases the float in powder, making it easier for you to take turns and twists without worrying about falling over.

The Camp Seven Dreamcatcher Snowboard has a rocker dominant profile with a mild camber in the tip and tail. It eliminates the edge catches and has a better grip on icy slopes. The board has a great support structure for when you’re snowboarding in dangerous conditions.

The biax over biax laminates allow the board to flex and pop easily. The board quickly moves with the rest of your body without sacrificing its durability. You won’t have to worry about whether the board will break or not as you learn how to snowboard.

The board has directional twin inserts set slightly on the back. The inserts allow for a fantastic float on powder and excellent performance on harsh terrains. You can take this board on different landscapes, and it will still perform at its peak.


  • It is easy to ride and marketed explicitly as a beginner board.
  • It’s suitable for different terrains, and riders can easily ride switch as they choose to.
  • It has a maximum hold in icy conditions.
  • The board is highly durable.
  • The board has a full rocker in the center which frees up your contact points for both floating in powder and freestyling.
  • The board has a lot of added control. A beginner has enough support to ride without worrying about toppling over.


  • It may be too basic for you once you pass the beginner stage.
  • The design might be considered too plain.


4. Rossignol Gala Womens Snowboard – The Best Budget Women’s Beginner Snowboard

Designed with beginners in mind, the Rossignol GALA is one of the most affordable best women’s beginner snowboards on the market. It offers a comfortable and forgiving all-mountain ride. You can focus on learning the riding motions without worrying about falling on your face. ‘

This board is made from a glass fiber with more excellent elongation than carbon and comes in many weights and weavings. The more excellent extension increases the flex and torsional resistance. This is customized to help beginners find balance and take twists and turns.

The Rossignol GALA has an AmpTek Auto-Turn rocker profile. This profile is user-friendly and adjusts to different terrains. The board has a no-catch edge which makes for effortless floating and easy control. It also makes it easier for you to improve your speed as you progress from the beginner level.

This snowboard has ABS that provides enhanced durability. It also keeps the core safe from moisture. This board will remain handy way after you’ve progressed past the beginner stage.


  • It has excellent graphics.
  • It is lightweight, so beginners won’t struggle with controlling it.
  • It offers an all-mountain ride.
  • The board has a stiffer waist so that you can remain stable when going at high speeds.
  • This board has a no-catch edge so that you’ll make an easier and more natural progression as you get faster.
  • The board is softer under the foot so that it is easy for you to make turns.


  • It does not have a dynamic feel underfoot.
  • It is slightly slower than the other boards in this buying guide.


5. Burton Free Thinker Snowboard- Best Alternative Women’s Beginner Snowboard

This snowboard has a perfectly symmetrical shape which gives you the perfect ride. You can easily spin and stomp without losing stability. As a beginner, this board supports your growth and gives you strength on shaky days. The board’s camber bend advocates powerful turns and sharp precision.

You can take turns without worrying about whether you’re going to stick the landing or not. The board works with you to ensure that you land safely on your feet.

The Burton Free Thinker is a great all-mountain freestyle snowboard option. You can ride it in the park, in the lanes, or use it to shred the slopes. It performs wonderfully on all terrains, and you are guaranteed a safe and happy ride.

This snowboard’s tip and tail are milled out and blunted to reduce the weight in those areas. This makes it easier for you to float through the air and perform other tricks. Also, it won’t feel like you’re dragging something around your feet, giving you more freedom throughout your ride.


  • It has outstanding stability when you’re riding both regular and switch.
  • The board has regular edge control from the tip to the tail.
  • The Freethinker has a great 60s style acid-trip design.
  • SuperFly II 700G Core uses lighter wood to provide strength while keeping the board light and flexible.
  • Twin Flex gives you a balanced ride that’s equally versatile on regular and switch.
  • The twin shape makes it more agile and faster than other boards in its league.


  • It is initially made for men, so women might have a challenging time adjusting to it.
  • It works best when the rider uses a fast and aggressive style.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Women’s Beginner’s Snowboard

Q: How do you figure out your snowboard size?

A: Traditionally, you pick the snowboard size by choosing the board that reaches your chin or nose. This style is used in ski shops or by snowboard instructors. While this method is handy, it is old-school, and the new formula is more reliable.

According to the new formula, you pick your snowboard length by using your weight. The heavier you are, the bigger board you need. Your board is most likely to be between 85 and 90% of your height.

The formula for calculating your board size is:

Your height (in inches) x 2.54 x 0.88 

If you don’t have the time or energy to do the calculations, some websites will do the math for you.

Q: Is there a vast difference between advanced and beginner boards? 

A: The difference between beginner and advanced boards is in the length and the texture.

Beginner boards are often softer and more forgiving. This makes it easier for you to take turns, and they are lighter.

Advanced boards are stiffer and are made for more challenging tricks. As a beginner, it is not advised for you to buy a rigid board. It will lead to challenges later on.

Beginner boards are shorter than advanced boards. The length is reduced because shorter boards are easier to manage. You’re less likely to fall over on a shortboard than a longer board.

There are no hard and fast rules about the type of board beginners should use. Some beginners prefer stiff boards for support, while other riders prefer soft boards for different terrain.

It would be best if you used the board which feels most comfortable for you.

Q: How hard is it to learn how to snowboard?

A: Snowboarding is a fun sport, and the experience of shredding down the slopes is something most people will never know. While it may be difficult at first, it won’t take long for you to catch on and enjoy the experience.

Unlike skiing, snowboarding doesn’t have much support and finding your center of balance can be tricky. But with enough practice, you’ll get the hang of it and be a pro in no time.

Once you grasp the basics, your learning curve gets more manageable, and all the fun can begin. There are some basic mistakes people make at the beginning of their snowboarding experience. These mistakes can make snowboarding a challenge. It may even lead to giving up.

Because of the challenge that snowboarding provides, you are less likely to get the hang of it immediately. It will take a lot of falling on your face and tripping over your feet before you become a pro. Do not be discouraged.

Build up your strength and endurance. Snowboarding is physically demanding, and it is not as simple as it looks. You’ll probably use every single muscle group, and it’s easier to learn if you have some fitness.

Don’t worry about looking like a beginner. We all get self-conscious about our looks, and we sometimes feel ridiculous when trying out new things. However, you can be assured that everyone was once a beginner, so nobody is judging you. Relax and focus on your progress rather than your appearance.

Q: How do I take care of my board?

A: It would help if you wax your snowboard. Waxing your snowboard is important because a new coat of wax makes your board glide easily on the snow. This makes you faster, and you’ll be able to take corners more swiftly.

You can tell when your board needs to be waxed because the base will start appearing faded and dry. You’ll see white patches starting to show around the edges of the board. This is a sign that your board has been taking too much snow without getting enough moisture. Ignoring these signs might make your board more brittle and reduce its durability.

Most ski shops offer board waxing services at affordable prices. There are different types of waxes that are classified according to the weather. Some waxes are made for cold weather, while others are made for warm weather. You can learn how to wax your board yourself, or you can search for professional services.

It’s also important to tune your board at least once a year. Board tuning keeps your board in great shape and increases its edging capabilities. It makes your ride smoother and reduces your board’s chatter.

While you can learn how to tune your board, the process is complex, and it would be best to send it to a professional. Most ski and snowboard shops offer board tuning services.

Q: How do I know what my stance is?

A: It isn’t easy to answer what your stance should look like because everyone is different.

Regular riders put their left foot forward while goofy riders put their right foot forward. Some people have narrow stances, while others have wide bearings.The age-old trick to figure out your stance is running and sliding on a smooth surface while wearing socks.

The foot you put forward is the same one you put forward when you snowboard. Another trick is asking someone to push you backward gently. You’ll probably put a foot back, and the position you’re in is your stance.

It is advised that your stance should be slightly wider than your shoulder width. A wide stance helps you maintain control when you’re in the air and land those difficult jumps. A narrower stance is discouraged because it reduces your ability to balance and makes it more difficult to control your board.

Picking a stance is primarily intuitive. It would help if you chose a posture that feels most comfortable for you. There are no strict rules about what a stance looks like. The important thing is that you enjoy yourself.

Final Thoughts

Taking up a new sport is both challenging and exciting. You have taken the crucial first step, and now it’s time to commit to the rest of the process. And we hope that this guide has helped you decide which snowboard to buy.

There is a wide range of options to pick from for the best women’s beginner snowboard. We classified these options and gave you the Pros and Cons for each board. Hopefully, one of them is the perfect fit for you.

Feel free to explore our site for more information and buying guides for other snowboarding accessories.