When and How to Wash Arcteryx Jackets

When and How to Wash Arcteryx Jackets: 2022 Care Guide

All garment items need an occasional or regular wash to keep them fresh, clean, and smelling appealing. Your Gore-Tex Arcteryx jacket is no different. These comfortable and stylish winter jackets also need a good wash to keep them nice and clean. 

In this guide, we will show you how to wash Arcteryx jackets safely and without risking damage to your expensive outdoor garment.

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When to Wash Arcteryx Jackets 

It isn’t practical to washArc’teryx jackets too often because frequent washing puts a lot of strain on the jacket materials and fibers and can cause premature fading and wearing. But regular washing is important for keeping performance gear in optimal condition.

To prevent excess wear, it is best to wash these jackets every 10-12 days of enduring heavy activity. But there are some cases you might have to wash it sooner and some occasions where you can go for longer before washing your jacket. 

The best way to figure out when to wash your snow jacket is by keeping an eye out for the following signs.

After High-Impact Activities

Your body secretes a lot of sweat and body oil when you perform high-impact activities likesnowboardingorice skiing. These body oils are usually absorbed by your clothing and can seep through vests, after which your Arc’teryx jacket will absorb them. Body oils and sweat can decrease the breathability of your jacket and can make it smell foul.

No Water Beading

These jackets are coated with aDWR (Durable Water Repellent) product that helps keep the jacket’s interior layer and filler material nice and dry. If water no longer beads on the jacket exterior, then it might be time for a good clean. The coating needs to be refreshed and properly dried in a tumble dryer.

You Haven’t Applied a DWR Coat in a While

DWR coats can become worn down over time. If you washed your jacket several times without adding a new DWR layer, then it might be time for a good clean and a fresh new coat of water repellent.

It Is Visibly Dirty

If the entire garment is noticeably dirty with dirt and grime spots or product stains like sunscreen, then you should give it a good clean. 

Constant Wet Spots

If your jacket is getting wet or moist in high wear areas like the sleeves or cuffs, it might also be time for a good clean and a new waterproof coating. 

How to Wash ArcTeryx Jackets

The easiest way to refresh and clean your jacket is by taking it to the dry cleaner. If you don’t have access to these facilities or don’t like to take the garment for washing, you can clean it yourself.

It’s always best to check the care instructions on the jacket label before you clean it. If it is not noticeably dirty, you can also consider treating spots with a white vinegar solution or use a soft brush to remove dirt and pet hair from the jacket shell. 

Here is a quick look at the best care steps for washing these quality jackets so you can ensure optimum performance.

When and How to Wash Arcteryx Jackets

Step 1 – Empty pockets

The first thing you need to do is empty your pockets. Hard objects like pebbles might damage your washer, and softer products like tissues could partially dissolve in water and will cling onto your jacket. Empty all of your pockets and make sure that there are no coins, electronics, or anything else lingering in one of the pockets.

Step 2 – Tend to the Zippers and Fittings

Next, close the main zipper on your jacket front and open all pocket zippers so these areas can also flush out and be refreshed.

Loosen all elastic cords around the waist, pockets, and jacket cuffs. You should also secure any velcro straps on the jacket because velcro tends to snag onto other fabric parts and can damage your jacket’s interior layer.

Step 3 – Wash

You can now put your jacket in the washing machine. Use a mild detergent or synthetic fabric cleaner and avoid harsh chemicals since these chemicals will strip away the DWR layer and stain or damage your jacket fabrics. 

Wash your jacket in warm water since warmth can help dissolve body oils. Lukewarm water is preferable because anything warmer can damage the fabric fibers or melt and strip away the DWR layering. A cold wash can also be good if you are worried about damaging your synthetic garment.

Put your washing machine on a gentle cycle setting to avoid damaging your garments. It is also best to wash these garments with other clothing items of a similar color because washing them on their own can increase the wear and tear on the jacket. Only wash your jacket with similar colored items, or it can become stained when other fabrics start to bleed.

Many people recommend an extra rinse cycle to remove as much soap and detergent from the fabric as possible.

Step 4 – Dry

Finally, you will need to dry the wet garment properly. If these layered jackets are not adequately dried, the synthetic interior fibers can become damaged and moldy. 

Wring out excess water and place it in the tumble drier at medium heat on a gentle cycle. You can also position the jacket in the sun for drying, but you will need to remember to rotate it frequently so it can dry on all sides. 

Step 5 – Seal

In most cases, you won’t have to seal the jacket again. But if your Arc’teryx jacket isn’t as waterproof or isn’t keeping you dry anymore, it is best to invest in a waterproofing spray to re-seal the DWR layer.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know when and how to wash Arc’teryx jackets, you can keep them nice and clean all on your own and ensure optimal performance when you hit the slopes. 

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