5 Best Twin Tip Skis for Women

A Review: 5 Best Twin Tip Skis for Women

Skiing is a fun and fast sport, and if you take the proper precautions, you can enjoy years of skiing without fearing for your safety. As long as you do not rush off to the steepest slopes as a beginner, you can have a nice, eventful, and exciting skiing experience.

For people who have been skiing for a while, twin tip skis are an excellent option. Their dual design allows you to carry out skiing exercises that are not possible with conventional skis, giving extra freedom on the slopes. Learn more about the different types by watching this video on types of twin tip skis.

This review features the very best twin tip skis for women available on the market, along with detailed specifications, pros and cons, and FAQs to help you choose the twin tip skis that are right for you.

1. Best Overall Twin Tip Skis: K2 Mindbender 98Ti Alliance Women’s Skis

Coming in a blue, red, black, and white design, these twin tip skis for women are designed to deliver precision on the front part of the skis while providing power underfoot and stability in the tail.

This means that these skis can help you change directions quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly. Their construction also ensures that maneuverability and drift control is not compromised, making them perfect for freeride ripping.

If you’re used to skiing in different types of snow, these skis will be an excellent choice as they feature a torsion control design. This design combines a progressive torsional flex with a balanced, even longitudinal profile for maximum stability and flexibility.

Oversized ABS sidewalls are present on these skis. The sidewalls are laminated and pocketed within the wood core in the midbody of the ski to enhance power transfer. The dual wood core ensures durability while absorbing shock and providing additional stability.

K2 Mindbender Specifications

  • Color options: blue, red, black, white
  • Package dimensions: 60.5 x 5.4 x 3 inches
  • Package weight: 6 pounds
  • Core material: dual wood


  • The skis are designed to deliver precision in the forebody and underfoot as well as stability in the tail for the best possible experience.
  • If you’re into freeride ripping, the maneuverability and drift control offered by these skis will prove an excellent choice.
  • The torsion control design of the skis ensures stability and control regardless of the weather and terrain.


  • The difference between the width at the front and back at the width at the tail is minimal, which makes changing directions less sharp than it would be with rounded skis.
  • The front and back of the skis come in a flat design, which is great for stability and drifting but not the best option for quickly changing directions.


2. Best Budget Twin Tip Skis: Saloman QST Myriad 85 Skis Women

With purple color blocking and splashes of pink and grey on the top, these women’s twin tip skis from Saloman come with an all-terrain rocker that makes them suitable for different types of snow and slopes. The glossy topsheet also improves the overall look.

The construction of the skis is in the form of a sandwich with a full-length poplar wood core and a Ti Power Platform around it. This ensures proper shock absorption and stability on the slopes.

The overall construction of the skis is made with a blend of carbon fiber and basalt. This tip-to-tail design provides increased power and edge grip for tricky terrains. A pure flex laminate is also placed directly underfoot.

When it comes to the tips and tails of the skis, Cork Damplifier technology is used. The use of cork in the tips and tails ensures that speed is not compromised and stability is maintained at all times, as cork is not only lighter in weight but also has more absorbing powers on impact.

The shape of the skis ensures smooth turns, improved floatation, and great confidence at high speeds in steep terrains.

Saloman QST Myriad Specifications

  • Color: Purple
  • Package Dimensions: 69 x 6 x 3 inches
  • Package weight: 6.61 pounds
  • Core material: Poplar Wood


  • Full-length poplar wood core and a Ti Power Platform give maximum stability and flexibility on the slopes.
  • The innovative new shape of the skis ensures smoother turn initiation and better floatation.
  • The construction of the skis comes in carbon fiber blended with basalt for increased power and edge grip.


  • While the turns on these skis will definitely be smoother, it might not be the best fit for extremely difficult terrains where the direction needs to be changed suddenly and often.
  • The design and the construction of the skis might not be suitable for beginners.


3. Best Runner-Up Twin Tip Skis: Armada ARW 86 Women’s Skis

These twin tip skis are a good fit for use on all mountain terrains. The rocker profile is designed in a freestyle rocker system (rocker/camber/rocker), giving the skis enough balance to get you through the toughest slopes.

With a twin tail shape on both ends, the skis have a moderate flex on them, making them both easy to navigate and solid on your feet on tougher slopes. Performance is the top construction priority, so these skis are kept light for parks, laps, and competitive skiing needs.

If you are into high-speed skiing that incorporates jumps and tricks, these skis from Armada would be a great fit for your maneuvers.

It comes in 156-centimeter and 163-centimeter options. The dimensions for the 156-centimeter option are 121, 96, and 114, while those for the 163-centimeter option are 123, 96, and 115. With these options, you can easily pick the best possible choice according to your requirements.

Armada ARW Specifications

  • Color options: off-white, blue
  • Ski length: 156 and 163 centimeters
  • Package weight: 6.5 pounds


  • Without a very narrow waist, these offer both easy navigation and balance maintenance.
  • The lightweight construction makes jumps and other tricks easier to pull off and land.
  • The skis are great for freestyling and competitive skiing in circuits due to their high performance and light construction.


  • The lightweight materials have some flex, which might not be ideal for remote or hardcore mountain skiing circuits.
  • The waist of the skis is very narrow, which isn’t best for people who prioritize quick turning over balance.


4. Best Women’s Twin Tip Skis Under $300: K2 Empress Skis

These K2 Empress Twin Tip Skis, designed specifically for women, feature an aspen core, come in black and purple, and are extremely responsive.

Furthermore, the balance of length and width on the skis gives the skier a sense of stability, increasing confidence on turns and jumps.

These are an excellent choice for women who want to get into freestyling ski laps. Freestyling laps include fast turns, big jumps, and other tricks that are incorporated into the circuit. The aspen core of the ski makes it lighter, giving you more freedom on the slopes.

Besides competitive skiing, the Empress Skis will fit right in even on trips to your favorite mountainside retreat.

K2 Empress Specifications

  • Color: Black, purple
  • Ski length: 139 centimeters
  • Package weight: 7.72 pounds
  • Core: Aspen


  • The balance of length and width on the ski offers both stability and responsiveness, which can give you speed and help you stay up on your feet.
  • The lightweight, aspen core reduces the skis’ weight and increases responsiveness.
  • The skis are excellent for freestyling laps and competitive skiing due to their well-balanced construction.


  • The limited color options might not be the best fit for everyone.
  • Aspen cores are more suited to controlled environments and aren’t intended for use on big mountains or hardcore skiing circuits.


5. Best Twin Tip Skis Alternative: Rossignol Experience 76 Ci/Xpress 10 Ski Package

If the options mentioned above were not to your liking, the Rossignol Experience 10 Ski package can be an excellent alternative option. These skis come in black and white colors with a ski length of 162 centimeters.

An all-terrain rocker is included with these skis, giving it a sense of versatility for different types of environments. The 70% camber and 30% tip rocker offer a balanced feel on all types of terrains and in various conditions. Both hard snow and soft snow can be easily navigated.

Line Control Technology (LCT) is used in the construction, giving the skis a more forgiving feel and reducing counter flexing for more confident control on the slopes. The air tip VAS also absorbs initial impacts for pure snow contact in mixed conditions.

The design of the skis is also new and innovative with a progressive sidecut profile that provides fluidity to your drift, carve, and smear motions. The skis have rounder tip and tail profiles for instant engagement and controlled turns.

The shape of the skis also promotes energy transmission, making it easy to change directions smoothly for a fluid experience.

Rossignol Experience Specifications

  • Color: black, white
  • Ski length: 162 centimeters
  • Package weight: 18 pounds
  • Core: poplar wood


  • The Line Control Technology gives a forgiving and playful feel, which is great for beginners.
  • For mixed conditions, the Air Tip VAS absorbs initial impact.
  • The progressive sidecut gives fluidity to your drift, smear, and carve motions.


  • Advanced skiers may not prefer these skis due to their forgiving and playful nature.
  • The skis are on the heavier side, which isn’t ideal for people who want lightweight skis.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Women’s Twin Tip Skis

What exactly are twin tip skis?

Twin tip skis have both the front and back end of the ski in a curved fashion. This makes taking turns easier and gives the skier more freedom of movement.

How are they different from regular skis?

Regular skis have a flat tail, unlike twin tip skis. Both the ends of twin tip skis are upturned, reducing the total contact surface of the ski with the snow.

How are women’s twin tip skis different from men’s twin tip skis?

Women have a different center of gravity in their skis that helps them balance better. The center of power in their skis is also slightly different.

Typically, women’s twin tip skis are also lighter than their male counterparts.

Are there different types of twin tip skis?

Yes, twin tip skis can come in different types. The most common ones are Full Twin Tips and Partial Twin Tips.

Which factors should I consider before opting for a twin tip option rather than a regular one?

Take into consideration some factors like your style of skiing, the type of terrain you’re on, and the level of skiing skill you possess before opting for a twin tip ski.

Final Thoughts

Twin tip skis are an excellent way to get all the fun aspects of skiing, including the speed, the quick turns, the jumps, and the tricks. Women’s skis are slightly different than men’s in subtle ways, making it easier for them to properly navigate them at high speeds.

This review outlines the 5 best options for the best women’s twin tip skis available in the market today. I hope that this review has helped you pick out the best women’s twin tip skis according to your specific requirements. Happy skiing!