The Best Snowboard Binding For Beginners This Winter 2022

The Best Snowboard Binding For Beginners This Winter 2022

There are millions of people who love snowboarding. The feeling of being on a trail and hitting a sick combination of moves always brings a rush of excitement.

However, snowboarding is never quite as fun if you don’t have all of your gear in the right place. One of the most important pieces of gear is the snowboarding bindings. These components attach your boot to your snowboard, ensuring that you can control the intensity and direction of your board. 

Snowboarding bindings come in different sizes and shapes, but we’ve managed to narrow the choices down to the absolute best available on the market today. In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at the best snowboard binding for beginners!

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1.Best Overall: BURTON Grom Snowboard Bindings

We tested several snowboard bindings, but the BURTON Grom Snowboard Bindings stood head and shoulders above the rest. These snowboard bindings are as impressive as they are reliable, and you’ll have no problems using them in the slightest.

To start off, the BURTON Grom Snowboard Bindings are made of a single material throughout. The polycarbonate baseplate is flexible and buttery, promoting easy use. Other manufacturers might use different materials but we were especially pleased with this one because it offers a uniform feel and response for your feet.

Regardless of the terrain, the feeling you get from these bindings is the same. So, once you master them, you can ride as you please.

The BURTON snowboard bindings also come with a disc mounting system that incorporates an easy mounting plate that works for all major mounting systems. Versatility is definitely the name of the game as far as this best snowboard binding for beginners is concerned.

You’ll also love how light these bindings are. They feel like you barely have anything on your feet. You’d just be gliding through with them beneath you.

Application of the bindings is also helped by the Smooth Glide buckles, which secure your feet to the bindings perfectly. The bindings also come with a Smack-It ratchet system, which incorporates an oversized design and makes it even better for kids.

With a perfect mix of thrill and safety, these bindings are an ideal fit for any beginner. You should definitely take it for a spin.


  • Highly secure bindings
  • Sturdy baseplate
  • Flexible material
  • Available in black or white


  • A bit on the expensive side


2. Best Budget: Salomon Rhythm Mens Snowboard Bindings

Even though you might not have the money to splurge on expensive snowboard bindings, you still deserve efficient and lasting snowboard bindings. This is where the Salomon Rhythm Mens Snowboard Bindings particularly thrive. They’re not the most expensive of the bunch, but they still give any of the high-end bindings a run for their money.

Made with a rhythmic highback and composite buckle, these bindings will give you the flexibility and safety you need to ride. The former feature is especially great for beginners looking to learn the ropes and stay safe while doing so. The 3D supreme ankle strap is another nice feature that adds a layer of safety to the entire thing.

Despite the safety features, the Salomon Rhythm Mens Snowboard Bindings will still make it fun to ride and snowboard. With these bindings, every slash will be an incredible experience on its own.

Compared to the previous bindings, the Salomon Rhythm Bindings have 3 more colors to choose from, making them a great option for customization and matching your gear.


  • Competitive price
  • Highly safe components
  • Long-lasting material
  • 5 colors to choose from: Black, Lavender, Oil Green, Stormy Weather (blue-ish gray), or White


  • A tad bulky


3. Best Runner Up: System APX Men’s 2022 Snowboard Bindings

While they might not be able to take the place of the BURTON snowboard bindings on our best snowboard binding for beginners list, the System APX Men’s 2022 Snowboard Bindings definitely belong in the higher echelons of snowboard bindings. These components look and feel great, and they can go a long way in making your experience even sweeter.

These snowboard bindings have an All-Mountain rating, so regardless of the snowboarding terrain, rest assured that these bindings will do a great job of assisting you. They’re highly safe, incorporating ankle straps and a padded toe cap to protect your feet and keep you firmly in control of the snowboard.

As for compatibility, these bindings come with the industry-standard mounting pattern, which System claims will be able to fit all traditional snowboards without a hitch.

We also founded the EVA padded footbed in these bindings to be quite helpful. They maximize your comfort as you snowboard, ensuring that you can engage in your fun activity for hours on end.

Unlike the previous binding options, this one only comes in 1 color and pattern, making them the least personalized option in our guide.


  • Highly comfortable
  • Comes with a toe cap
  • Strong and reliable build
  • Comes at a decent price


  • Only available from sizes 8 to 13
  • Only comes in 1 color and pattern


4. Best Under $100: Symbolic Custom-Flow Black Snowboard Bindings

Symbolic is another company that’s done a great job at designing snowboard bindings, and they’ve struck gold with the Custom-Flow Bindings. These bindings have everything you could ever need, and then some.

To start off, you’ll appreciate the addition of D Burton-compatible and 4×4 Bolt pattern discs.

These components will make the snowboard bindings even better for you, optimizing compatibility and fit. The bindings’ baseplate and highback are made of sturdy fiberglass, ensuring that you’ll be able to use them for many years to come. Regardless of your chosen terrain, you’ll have a reliable partner here.

For additional comfort, and like the system bindings, Symbolic has added pads to the highback and baseplate.

These pads will help cushion your feet and ensure that you have a stable base to land on as you snowboard. The manufacturer rounds out the features with an adjustable toe ramp, which keeps your feet safe and warm. They might not be ideal for everyone, but these bindings are definitely Grade A stuff.

These bindings only come in the color black, so they can’t be personalized to your gear as easily as the Burton or Salomon Bindings. However, they may match some gear better than the previous pair, which comes in a winter camouflage pattern.


  • Adjustable toe ramp
  • Pads everywhere for ultra comfort
  • Highly affordable


  • Only available in the XL size
  • Only available in black


5. Alternative 1: K2 2020 Clicker Unisex Snowboard Bindings

Another best snowboard binding for beginners option that you should definitely consider is the K2 2020 Clicker Unisex Snowboard Bindings.

With a lightweight aluminium build, these Clicker snowboard bindings achieve two things: flexibility and durability. Their lightweight build ensures that you don’t feel a thing or have to stress to glide through the snow, and the aluminium material ensures that you’re always protected as you do.

The bindings also focus their support on the outer part of the foot, ensuring that you never feel tired while snowboarding. The support also helps you to control your snowboard better, so you can have as thrilling an experience as possible.

A seamless EVA footbed keeps you comfortable and cushions your feet, making these snowboard bindings a great option for you to have at all times.

Compared to the other snowboard bindings in our guide, these are the most expensive, however, they offer the most versatility while snowboarding and they’re less bulky than the other products.


  • EVA footbed
  • Improved support for the outer foot
  • High-quality material
  • Less bulky than other options


  • No arch support
  • Pretty expensive
  • Only available in black


Different Types of Snowboard Bindings

Strap Bindings

Most snowboarders actually learn with strap bindings. As their name suggests, these bindings come with toe and ankle straps that buckle down around your foot and hold your boot firmly to the board.

Strap bindings come with a very simple design, but that doesn’t limit the options available to you when you consider how to use your bindings or which ones to get. They’re the most common type of bindings, so you have different options available to you when you decide to get them.

Rear Entry Bindings

Rear entry bindings are famous because they offer that coveted mix of convenience and performance. They give you a great deal of control over your direction, and they don’t hurt your feet – especially the padded ones.

The rear entry bindings work around adjustable straps that keep your feet firmly on the bindings. However, unlike the normal strap bindings, these have straps that feed into a wide band. The band, in turn, covers everywhere from over the toes to the heel.

With rear entry bindings, you also have backs that hinge up and down. So, once down, the main band is already set to your foot and you’ll be able to slide your feet underneath it.

Many beginners love the strap bindings, as well. They’re very convenient, and they’ll keep you grounded.

Step-On Bindings

Step-on bindings are much newer than the strap and rear entry versions, but they’re starting to catch on. Interestingly, these bindings are gaining popularity for their convenience. They’re designed to mimic how skiers get fitted with their bindings, and they work just like that.

Even though they don’t incorporate straps at all, step-on bindings are still responsive and comfortable. However, not every brand has these bindings. So, your choices are a bit limited.

What to Consider When Buying Snowboard Bindings


Perhaps the most important thing you should consider is the bindings’ fit on your boots. If you want optimal control of your snowboard, you’ll need to make sure that the bindings fit your feet snugly and comfortably.

Keep in mind that bindings come in different sizes and will fit different boots and boards. Thankfully, most products work well together (but there are also some exceptions).

Regardless of what you go for, you want to ensure that your boot and the bindings are a perfect fit. The fit is the make-or-break consideration.


You should also consider the flex of the bindings. This is essentially how flexible and free they feel when they’re strapped to your boot.

For the most part, the flex will be determined by the bindings’ material. Most manufacturers use either aluminium, composites, or plastic. In some situations, they could combine two or three of these materials.

When it comes to flex, everyone is free to choose what they prefer. However, the general rule is that softer bindings make for an easier and more enjoyable riding experience. If you’re a beginner, you may want to go for the softer bindings.

This isn’t to say that the stiffer bindings don’t offer anything. When it comes to finding the best snowboard binding for beginners, stiffer bindings will give you a better response, allowing you to freestyle and freeride if you’re feeling inspired. Situations like these require better control, especially at high speeds. With stiff bindings, you’ll get the right amount of support you need.


These days, bindings tend to come with different features. However, some things are common amongst them all.

These are the features you should really keep in mind:

Entry Systems

There are different types of entry systems. However, the two-strap system is still the most popular. The flow bindings come with a folding highback, allowing you to put your boot behind. Some other brands, on the other hand, use just one strap.

Highback Materials

Like entry systems, highback materials will also vary. Most brands use carbon material, which is favored for its ability to cut weight while improving responsiveness. Some other brands use urethane, which optimizes dampening and flex. Some brands take out the highback entirely.


The straps vary, as well, both in size and padding. You can choose one that makes you feel the most comfortable. If you’re looking to ride for long, then a padded strap is always great. The rising trend among brands is the use of cap-strap bindings, where you’ll be able to fit the toe strap over the end of your boot.

Tool-Free Adjustment

Not everyone uses a tool-free adjustment, but it’s a great addition for sure. With the tool-free adjustment, you won’t need to get a screwdriver whenever you want to set the straps or highback angles.

Forward Lean Adjusters

These are great additions that help to raise the angle of the highback, so it leans forward. Depending on your favored riding position, you might want to get these along with your bindings.


Lastly, we have cushioning. It’s become especially popular among snowboard bindings these days, and it will help to reduce the intensity of your landings. Cushioning will also help you to ride for much longer since it keeps you comfortable.


So, there you have it – the best snowboard binding for beginners! These snowboard bindings are a great fit for anyone, and they’ll make your riding experience much better.

When next you’re heading out to a snowy trail, get any of these and you’re guaranteed a comfortable and supportive ride.