5 of the Best Ski Boot Bags [2021]

5 of the Best Ski Boot Bags [2021]

Few experiences can compare with the feeling of crisp cold air blowing against your skin.

And there are few views as breathtaking as the ones you see high up on snowy mountains.

Learning to ski is quite a challenge, and it will take some time for you to collect all the accessories you need.

While you are collecting your gear, you should also get a good quality ski bag for your boots.

With the best ski boot bag, you can easily carry your ski accessories up the mountain and keep your belongings protected.

The Best Ski Boot Bags to Get For Your Accessories

There are quite a few different types of ski boot bags available.

Some ski boot bags look like backpacks, so you can easily carry them around, and others have a shoulder strap design.

Some of these bags are smaller and better suited for kids or skiers that love to travel light. Other bags are enormous and perfect for storing all your ski accessories and even a set of clothes.

Some ski boot bags have holes in the sides so humidity can escape from the pack. Other bags have drain holes at the bottom so that melted snow can drain from your bag. Some bags don’t have any drain holes at all and are great for sealing your belongings in.

Ski boot bags can also have all sorts of extra accessories such as pockets and secret compartments.

Now we will take a quick peek at five of the best boot bags you can use for your next big adventure.

1. The Overall Best – The Unigear Ski Boot Bag

This stylish backpack-style ski boot bag is available in black, navy, and grey. The bag has lots of straps that you can use to compress your accessories. It also has a softback panel to keep your boots from jabbing you in the back.

The bag has a large 50-liter capacity which is more than enough space for storage. You can store things like your helmet, ski goggles, gloves, socks, jacket, and various other accessories other than boots.

The bag has several compartments and measures 11.8 x 12.6 x 19.7 inches. The large compartment is suitable for storing up to 12.5 size men’s boots. The bag has two small pockets, one internal and one with a Velcro flap on the front.

It also features a main compartment at the back, a large compartment at the top, and a front zipper compartment.

To access your boots, you can flip down the back panel that doubles as a mat to keep your accessories dry.

The bag is made from solid tarpaulin and 1050DD nylon. It has a waterproof layer that protects your items from splashes. The bag’s bottom is also lined for a waterproof and temperature-resistant surface.


  • The 50-liter bag has enough space for all your accessories
  • The fabric is nice and thin to reduce the weight of the bag
  • The bag looks great
  • Lots of padding at the back keeps your boots from hurting you
  • Various compartments with easy access zippers
  • The bag is waterproof
  • The back panel can open and doubles as a standing mat for your boots


  • Some find the bag a bit large
  • The bag has no drain holes
  • The bag has no feet to protect the bottom


2. The best runner up – The TurboSke Ski Boot Bag

This bag by TurboSke has a unique triangular shape.

The bag is available in three colors which include gray, navy, and black. It has a handy carry handle at the top and one at the front to carry it in two different ways. It also features two detachable shoulder straps so that you can wear it like a backpack.

The bag has a 50-liter storage capacity and measures 16.93 x 14.17 x 16.93 inches. It features one main compartment that you can access at the top and two side pockets to store each boot.

The bag is big enough to store your boots, helmet, jacket, goggles, gloves, socks, and other ski accessories. It also features two side pockets and a small zipped compartment at the top.

The bag is made from PVC-coated polyester, which is water-resistant and highly durable.

The PVC bottom is entirely waterproof, so your items won’t get wet when you place the bag in the snow. The base also has non-slip textured disks, and it features ventilation holes that will drain your bag should any snow melt from your boots.


  • The bag is stylish
  • You can carry it in three different ways
  • It has drainage holes at the bottom
  • The base is completely waterproof
  • The bag top is water-resistant
  • The main compartment is nice and large
  • The side compartments are perfect for storing your boots
  • The bag is padded for added comfort


  • A greater variety of small pockets would have been great
  • The bag doesn’t open up into a mat where you can place your boots
  • It can be a bit big for some people


3. The best alternative – The OutdoorMaster Boot Bag

This bag by OutdoorMaster is another excellent option if you need something affordable, large, and durable. The bag is available in black, khaki, blue, gray, and white. It is available in two different designs; the fox and the polar bear design.

The fox bag design only features hand carry straps at the top and a single detachable shoulder strap. This bag measures 15.7 x 14.6 x 9.1 inches.

This bag has a main compartment where you can store all your items. It has a front pocket with a zipper and a smaller pocket with Velcro.

The fox bag’s base has a waterproof, durable bottom without any ventilation holes in it. The bag surface is scratch and water-resistant. The bag is made from 900D waterproof nylon.

The polar bear design is a bit bigger and much different. This bag is larger at 16.92 x 13.78 x 15.74 inches.

The bag features a carry handle at the front and two detachable shoulder straps at the back. The bag has a large main compartment where you can store your accessories and two side compartments for your boots. It also has two side pockets.

The polar bear bag’s base is also waterproof, but it has drainage holes and slip-resistant pads. The bag is made from nylon.


  • Both bags look very stylish
  • Two bag styles to choose from
  • The bags are made from durable materials
  • You have the option of choosing a bigger or smaller bag
  • The waterproof base of these bags keeps your items dry
  • The polar bear bag has drainage holes and slip-resistant pads
  • The bags can be carried in two different ways
  • The bag is nice and big, so you can store everything you need


  • Be careful to choose the right bag design (fox or polar bear)
  • The fox bag has no drainage holes
  • A wider range of small pockets on either bag would have been great
  • Neither of these bags opens into a standing mat to place your boots
  • The fox bag cannot be carried in backpack style


4. The best budget bag – The Element Equipment Boot Bag

If you prefer bags with unique colors and designs that are easier to grab and go, you should consider the Element Equipment bag.

The bag is available in black, blue. Grey. Heather grey, red and light blue as well as print designs like diamond and Aztec. It features a top carry handle and a detachable shoulder strap to carry it in two different ways.

At 15 x 15 x 9 inches, this bag isn’t as big as some others on our list bags. But it is practical for holding ski boots, gloves, goggles, a hat, and many other accessories. The bag is big enough to carry up to 13 sized men’s boots.

This bag features a large compartment and a small front pocket. It also has a tiny label holder where you can slide in your tag to identify your bag quickly.

The bag is made from PVC-coated polyester. It is waterproof and very soft to the touch. The interior is lined, and the bottom is padded to protect your belongings while you are out and about. The bag also has three air holes at the side to reduce the humidity inside the bag.


  • Beautiful bag
  • Many colors and designs to choose from
  • Smaller for easier traveling
  • Large enough to contain your boots and other accessories
  • You can carry it two different ways
  • The bag is waterproof
  • Drain holes will reduce the humidity inside the bag


  • The bag might be a bit small for those with lots of accessories
  • No feet at the bottom
  • No drain holes at the bottom
  • More pockets or compartments would have been great
  • No zip side to form a mat


5. The best for travel – The Thule RoundTrip Ski Boot Backpack

This bag by Thule looks a bit more like a conventional backpack, but it is still perfect for your ski boots.

The bag is available in Atlantic blue, black, dark slate, and deep teal colors.

It is also available in different sizes. You can get it in 45 liters, 55 liters, and 60 liters.

The bag also features a hand strap at the top, and it has shoulder straps so you can wear it as a backpack. There is also a strap at the front that you can grab if you cannot reach the top strap. Or you can use the strap to clip on other accessories.

The bag has a large compartment that also opens at the back. When you open it at the back, the flap can be laid down on the ice so you can place your boots on it.

The front compartment is nice and large, which makes it ideal for storing various items.

There is also a small top compartment with added padding so you can keep fragile items protected. The two side pockets have zippers to keep smaller items nice and secure.

The bag’s base is designed with a heavy-duty tarp that will keep your accessories nice and dry.


  • The bag has an excellent design
  • All the colors are beautiful
  • The bag is practical for more than just ski boots
  • The waterproof base will keep your items dry
  • Two-way access to the main compartment is very convenient
  • Lots of pockets to store small items
  • A crash-proof top compartment is perfect for storing fragile items
  • The bag is available in various sizes


  • No drain holes at the bottom
  • No feet at the bottom
  • The bag is pricey compared to the rest on our list


Frequently Asked Questions

If you are buying a bag for the first time, you probably have quite a few questions.

Here is a quick look at some of the most common questions skiers have about boot bags.

Are all ski boot bags big enough for my shoes?

Some ski boot bags are bigger than others. The ones we have on our list are suitable for up to 13 sized men’s ski boots. If you have smaller boots, then you will have more space available for other accessories.

If you have enormous boots, make sure you buy a large enough bag for your shoes.

Are All Ski Boot Bags Padded?

Not all bags are padded, and some are only partially padded. Here is a quick look at the different types of padding you can expect from ski boot bags.

Fully padded – These bags are padded on all sides.

They can have a soft or hard case and are usually more water-resistant. The bags are perfect for protecting expensive equipment. These bags are generally heavier than other ski boot bags.

Partially padded – These bags are only padded in certain parts. For some bags, the padding is designed to hold fragile accessories like your goggles.

For other bags, the padding can be at the back so you can carry your boots without getting poked in the sides. Some bags are only padded in the tip and tail areas that are crucial for protecting your belongings.

No padding – Some ski boots are not padded at all.

They are ideal for light traveling or short adventures because they are so light. These bags don’t offer much protection for your accessories.

Should I Get A Bag With Compression Straps?

Some ski boot bags do have compression straps around the exterior. These bags are ideal for those who are packing lots of items, including ski clothing.

If you are not packing quite as much, compression straps aren’t a necessity. These straps are great for keeping all your gear in the right spot inside your bag.

What Is The Best Bag For Airplanes?

If you want to carry your accessories on an airplane, it’ll be best to consider a smaller bag.

Most skiers prefer a bag that isn’t padded because padding can take up a lot of space and increase your bag’s weight.

Bags without padding are also more flexible so that you can stuff more items in them.

Is It Better To Get A Backpack Or Sling Bag For Boots?

Either one of these bags is great for containing all your accessories. But for many people, a backpack is a better option.

Ski boots and accessories can weigh a lot.

Hauling a heavy bag over your shoulder could cause future back problems. If you are packing many items, it is much better to opt for a backpack-style bag.

Some of the backpack bags have removable straps. You can remove these straps if they get in the way while traveling and attach them when it’s time to carry your bag.

Should My Bag Have Drain Holes?

This all depends on the type of person you are.

Drain holes can be suitable if you ski a lot. Keeping your boots dry between ski trips can be an issue if you are constantly traveling.

Bags with drain holes are better for letting out some of that humidity.

Drain holes are also better for those who want to stuff their boots into a bag directly after the ski trip. The melting ice can escape from your bag.

Some people do prefer a bag without any holes. These bags are waterproof and are ideal for keeping boots and accessories dry during travels.

What Size Bag Should I Get?

The size of the bag you get depends on the amount of stuff you want to carry with you.

If you have many ski accessories and clothing items to tag along, then a bigger bag of 50 or 60 liters capacity is ideal.

These bags are large enough to contain your boots, helmet, goggles, gloves, a pair of clothes, socks, jacket, and even other small items.

If you are only tagging along with your boots and a few small accessories, you can opt for a smaller bag. A 40-liter bag should be big enough for your boots, ski helmet, jacket, gloves, and a few loose items.

If you are going on a long adventure, a big duffel bag would be a better choice. You can stuff in your boots and several sets of clothing.

Can I Use Any Bag For My Boots?

It is entirely possible to use other types of bags to contain or carry your ski boots. But these other bags might not be ideal for several reasons.

One of the most significant factors is waterproofing.

Ski boot bags are usually water-resistant at the top and utterly waterproof at the bottom. This is to protect your gear from melting snow and to keep your items dry when you place the bag on the ground.

Another factor is compartment size. The compartments of some bags might not be big enough to fit your boots comfortably.

Accessibility is another problem with bags that are not designed for your boots.

With ski boot bags, you can access your boots because they are placed close to zipper areas.

You can open some of these bags at the back. The opening flap doubles as a mat, so you can put your boots down before putting them on.

The right bag can make a huge difference in your comfort and the type of protection you get for your gear.

Can I Use My Ski Boot Bag For Other Luggage?

These bags might be designed for ski boots, but you can use them for other activities or accessories.

The bag will keep any belongings you put in them nice and dry. Bags with padding offer added protection from impact.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide helped you find the best ski boot bags to store and protect your expensive belongings.

If you are also in the market for other ski and snowboarding gear, hop over to our other buying guides.

There we compare other great accessories that you might enjoy.